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Offline payment method

The offline payment method is available on ShopWired to allow you to allow your customers to submit and complete an order without having to make immediate payment for it.

Offline payment orders are the same as any other type of order on ShopWired, except that they are given a different order status when initially created. By default this order status will be awaiting payment, except when an order has a grand total of 0.00 (due to use of a gift voucher or voucher code), in which case the order status will be paid.

What the offline payment method is used for

Most users of the offline payment method sell their products to other businesses and give their customers 'payment terms' so that they can place an order and pay for it away from the website, e.g. by cheque or bank transfer.

But it does not have to only be used for this purpose, the offline payment method can be used if you are selling directly to the public.

When activating this method, you can set a different order confirmation email to be sent to the customer (which can contain payment instructions) and also show payment instructions on the order confirmation page on your website.

For more information on setting up the offline payment method, read here.

If you are selling both to the public and trade customers you can set the offline payment method to only be available to trade customers if you want to.

Collecting payment

You should be aware that if offering the offline payment method to members of the public you may find that not everyone who submits an order makes payment, so you may want to delay sending out your order until you have actually received payment for it.