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Launch a referral rewards scheme with the reward points app

Using the reward points app you can implement a referral rewards scheme for your customers. Through the scheme your existing customer would be rewarded with points, in line with your settings, when a new customer that they referred makes a purchase from you.

If you plan on using the referral rewards scheme you might want to consider creating a website page explaining the details of the scheme to your customers.

• How the scheme works
• Referral rewards settings
• Enabling the ‘Referred Friends’ page

How the scheme works

Every customer who creates an account on your website will have access to a 'Referred Friends' page (once you have enabled it) which contains a link (URL) unique to them which, when clicked, leads to your website’s homepage:

To participate in the scheme they (the referring customer) would need to copy this URL and send it to people who they are trying to encourage to buy from you.

When a user (the referred customer) then uses this link to visit your website’s home page a cookie (a small piece of data used to track a user’s behaviour on a website) will be placed on their computer by the web browser, so any purchases they make on your website can be tracked.

Once the referred customer purchases a product(s), the referring customer, who sent them the URL, will then be rewarded in line with your settings. Additionally, you can allow the referred customer to also be rewarded with a cash discount.

Referral rewards settings

To manage the settings for your referral rewards scheme select Settings > Reward Points from the menu and find the section named ‘Referral Rewards’.

Using the first setting you can change how you want the referring customers to be rewarded.

Giving them a fixed reward points amount means the referring customer will be given the number of reward points you have input when a referred customer makes a purchase no matter how much they have spent:

Giving them a variable amount means the referring customer will be given the set number of reward points for every £ that the referred customer spends:

In the ‘minimum order value’ box you can enter a minimum requirement for how much a referred customer has to spend in order for the referring customer to receive the reward. Leave this box blank if you don’t want to set a minimum:

If you want the referred customer to receive a discount on their first purchase enter the discount in £s here:

You can set a time limit on when the referred customer must have made a purchase by in order for the referring customer to get their reward by entering a timeframe for when the cookie should expire. For example, if a referred customer has to make a purchase within 30 days of clicking on the link put 30 in the box. If you don't want to set a time limit then leave this box blank:

In the next setting choose whether or not you want the cookie to be removed from the referred customer's computer once they have made a purchase:

Next, decide if you want customers to have registered an account before a purchase is eligible in the referral scheme:

Finally, decide if you want the first purchase or multiple purchases made by the referred customer to be eligible for rewards:

Once you have finished adjusting your settings select save changes.

Enabling the ‘Referred Friends’ page

In order to enable the ‘Referred Friends’ page on your customers’ accounts select Themes > Installed Themes from the menu. On your live theme select Theme Settings:

For version 4 themes

For version 4 themes selecting Theme Settings will open the live preview editor for the theme in a new tab.

Select Features > Customer Account Pages from the menu in the editor:

This will show you settings, one of which is for the referred friends feature. Tick the box next to ‘Display a referred friends page..’ to make the page visible on your customers' accounts:

Then select save changes in the top right corner.

For version 3 themes

For version 3 themes selecting Theme Settings opens a new page with all of your theme’s settings listed in different sections. To enable the referred friends page find the ‘Advanced Settings’ section, and place a tick in the box next to ‘Referred friends account page’:

Then select save changes.


If you change your theme you will want to make sure you have enabled the 'Referred Friends' page in this same way for your new theme. Your chosen setting for this does not transfer between themes. Whenever you change your theme it is worth checking that you have set this function up.