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Launch a referral scheme with reward points

Using the Reward Points APP you can setup and run a successful referral scheme on your website, reward your customers for referring new customers to your website.

How it works

Each registered customer on your website will be provided with a unique link (URL) which they can give to their friends.

The link will send any user who visits it to your website's home page. It will then place a cookie on their website and track any purchases they make.

When a user that has visited the link makes a purchase you can reward the customer that gave them the link with reward points (which they can later redeem for a cash discount on your website).

You can also set the system to reward the new customer that you have acquired with a cash discount.


There are a few bits of terminology that you should familiarise yourself with when setting up this system.

Referring Customer - this is the term given to your existing customer that refers new customers to you
Referred Customer - this is the term given to the new customer that has been referred to your website by the Referring Customer
Referral Link - this is the unique link that a referring customer uses to refer customers to your website
Cookie - a cookie is a small computer file placed on a website visitor's computer to track their behaviour on your website


Once you've activated and setup the Reward Points APP in your account select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'reward points'.

Scroll to the 'referral rewards' section on this page.

1. The first question relates to how you want to reward the referring customer. Either giving them a fixed number of reward points for each purchase a referred customer makes, or a variable number of reward points based on how many £ the referred customer spends in the transaction.

2. If you select 'fixed reward points amount' in the second box enter how many reward points the referring customer should be rewarded with.

If you select 'variable amount' then in the second box enter the number of reward points the referring customer should receive for each £ spent by the referred customer. For example, if you set this as 5 and the referred customer spends £20 then the referring customer would receive 100 reward points.

3. Next you'll be asked if you want to specify a minimum order value (that the referred customer should spend) in order for the referring customer to receive the reward.

You can leave this blank if you do not want to set a minimum order value.

4. If you also want to reward the referred customer with a discount then you can do so by entering the £ amount in the next box.

5. Some referral schemes come with a time limit, e.g. the referred customer must make a purchase within 30 days of clicking on the link. You can set a time limit in the next section.

You can leave this blank if the cookie should never expire.

6. Next you'll need to set whether you want the cookie to be removed from the referred customer's computer once they have made a purchase.

7. You can set whether you require customers to register for an account before the purchase is eligible in the referral scheme in the next setion.

8. Finally you'll be asked whether multiple purchases from the same customer are eligible in the referral scheme or whether it's only the first.

Please Note: This setting is not full-proof.

9. You should then save your changes.

Now that the scheme is active on your website you can use some of the variables shown below to provide information to your customers about the rewards scheme.

Publicising your referral scheme

A good referral scheme is only any use if it is publicised widely and your existing customers are aware of it.

1. You may like to consider creating a website page that provides your cusotmers with information about your referral scheme as shown in the example below.

2. Each customer has their own unique Referral Link - this can be outputted onto a page on your website using the variable {{ global.customer.referral_scheme_url }}.This will need to be added using the page editor.

One of the best places for the referral link is within the customer account pages of your website (the pages customers can access once they are logged into their account), as shown in the example below.

Additional objects/variables

An additional Twig object can be used to display a statement to your customers about their participation in your referral scheme:

{% for referred_customer in global.customer.referred_customers %}
    {{ referred_customer.first_name }} {{ referred_customer.last_name }}: {{ referred_customer.reward_points_generated }}
{% endfor %}


    Joe Bloggs: 126
    Jane Smith: 35

i.e. the referred customer's name and the number of points the referring customer earned for the order by the referred customer.

Again, this would need to be placed on a page within the customer's account and the code added onto one of your account pages using the page editor.