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An introduction to discount and promotional voucher codes

A voucher code is a string of text (and/or numbers) that a customer enters at checkout to obtain a special discount, pre-determined by you, the store owner, e.g. 10OFF or FREESHIPXMAS. Voucher codes are an integral part of marketing any online store.

You can create money off voucher codes (e.g. £10 discount), percentage voucher codes (e.g. 10% discount) or free delivery voucher codes.

Follow the links on the left hand menu to find out how to create and manage your voucher codes.

Marketing your codes

A voucher code is no use unless;

a) your customers know about it, and
b) unless it is used for a particular promotion or marketing campaign (i.e. there is no point in a voucher code that everybody knows about)

Voucher codes can work very well as part of an email marketing campaign read more here.

Important notes about voucher codes

  1. You can create as many as you like
  2. Customers can only use one voucher code in the same transaction
  3. A code you create can be edited at any time (you may want to change the offer)
  4. Discounts can be activated or deactivated at any time and you can set start and expiry dates
  5. You can limit the number of times a code can be used.