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Creating a new website page

To create a new page on your website please follow the instructions below.

1. Select 'website' from the left menu and then 'create new page'.

2. You'll then be shown a form where you can start filling in the page information

The Page Name/Title is the title of the page that is shown on the page itself.

In the example above the Page Name/Title is 'ABOUT US'.

3. In 'page content' you should enter the content that you want the page to have.

As in the example above you can see that an image has been inserted at the top of the page, some of the text is in italics and some in bold.

You can use the content editor to do different things like this, to read more then take a look at our article How do I use the page editor?

4. When you have finished click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

Linking to your new page

Once you have created your new page it is important to link to it otherwise no visitors to your website will be able to find it, find out how to link to your page here.

Adding HTML to a page

Beneath the page content field you'll notice two tick boxes.

If you have some HTML/JS/CSS that you'd like to add after your page content then you should tick the Tick here to enter custom HTML/JS/CSS box. A new field will then appear for you to add in your code.

This can be used if you have, for example, some code such as an iframe or provided by an online form builder and you'd like it to display after the content that you've added onto the page.

The Tick here to enter advanced HTML/JS/CSS which switch the entire page content field to instead be direct code entry (without the CMS editor). This can be used if you'd like to configure a completely custom HTML page.