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Editing the content of your automatic emails

When certain actions are performed on your website or account by customers or by you the system sends out an automated email. To view and customise the content of these emails select Settings > Website Emails > Website Emails from the menu.

• The list of emails
• Enabling/disabling HTML
• Customising the content
• Previewing an email
• Automatic content

The list of emails

In the ‘Website Emails Content’ box you will see a list of the automatic emails that are sent out from your account and a description of what they are:

From this list you can choose to configure the content of an automatic email.

(The only exception is ‘Order Status’ emails which are managed separately. Click here to learn how to find them and change their content.)

Installing some apps (such as the abandoned basket app or the trade accounts app) adds emails to this list.

Enabling/disabling HTML

Above the list of emails you will see a tick box beside ‘Enable HTML Emails’. Leaving this ticked allows you to be able to configure the HTML content of the emails:

An HTML email is how your customers are most likely to view your emails, but the plain text versions are included if you prefer to use them or if your customer cannot view the HTML version. If you only want to use the plain text versions untick the box, and you will then only be able to customise the plain text version of the content.

Customising the content

Clicking on the name of the email opens up sections for you to be able to customise the content:

You can change the email subject, the plain text version or the HTML version of the emails.

If you need a bit of help with using HTML there are some HTML tips you can access by the HTML version of an email:

Previewing an email

To preview an email select Preview Email beside the version you wish to see:

If you have changed any of the content of the email, and that’s what you are wanting to preview, you must select save changes before trying to preview the email.

The preview will use 'dummy data' to show you how the email would look.

Automatic content

If you are changing the content of the emails you can use the text strings at the top of the page to help you create automatic content:

For example, if you use the {{ customer_name }} text string the system would automatically convert this to the customer's name.

The text strings must be used in exactly the way they are written in order to work.

The order emails (‘Order Confirmation’, ‘Order Failed’, ‘Order Offline Confirmation’), the quote emails and the abandoned basket emails additionally all have full access to the order object text strings. Use these to include information about the order.

Forgotten password

An additional variable {{ password_reset_url }} is available on the forgotten password emails (for normal and trade customers). When used, it will output a login link and the recipient will be able to click the link to login to their customer account.

If using this variable, it is best practice to use this instead of (and not in addition to) the customer_password variable.

When clicking the link, users will be taken to the /account/password page within your theme. You should only use this login link variable if your theme contains this page.

When the login link is used, on the account/password view the variable form_fields.current_password.required will be false and can be used to hide the "current password" field from displaying.