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Editing your website's emails

To edit the contents of your website's automatic emails please follow the instructions below. (If you are looking to edit your order status emails please click here).

1. Click 'settings' from the left menu then 'website emails' and from the new menu 'website emails'.

2. This will display a list of emails that you can edit.

To edit an email click the name of the email and a form will appear beneath.

3. If you have the setting 'enable HTML emails' activated

then when editing your website's emails, you'l be able to enter both a plain text and HTML version separately.


When your customer's receive the email - the likelihood is that they will view the HTML version. The plain text version is sent in case the customer is not able to view the HTML content.

4. You may prefer to disable HTML emails - if so you will need to deselect the 'enable HTML emails' setting on the page. This will change your account so that you can only edit the plain text version of your emails.

Previewing emails

You can preview what email will look like by clicking the 'preview email' link as shown on the screenshot below.

You'll need to have saved your changes to the email content before clicking the preview link.

To generate the preview we'll use 'dummy data' so you can see what the email will look like.

Using automatic content

You'll notice in the above example we have some special words, e.g. {{ customer_name }}. The inclusion of this word means that our system will automatically convert it to the customer's name when the email is generated and sent to the customer

A list of variables you can include for automatic content is shown at the top of the page.

You must enter these variables exactly as they appear otherwise they will not work.

Order confirmation emails

Each of the order emails; Order Confirmation, Order Failed, Order Offline Confirmation, and some other emails; Abandoned Basket, Quote Created, Quote Paid have full access to the order object to output content about the order that has been placed.

You can include a link to the PDF for the order by including the variable {{ order.pdf_url }} in the email content. For more information please read here.