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Product image quality, sizes and aspect ratios

Product images should be chosen carefully.

A strong, high quality image inspires confidence not only in the individual product that it relates to, but also in your company and its professional standards.

Where possible, you should always upload the highest quality (size) image that you have available. Our system will then resize it appropriately where required (although we can only resize down, we can't make a small image big).

What size image to upload

We're often asked what size images you should upload for your products but our management system and platform has been designed so that you can upload any sized image.

There is however an important feature of images that you should be aware of, something called 'aspect ratio'. The aspect ratio is the ratio of an image's height to its width. You can find out much more information about aspect ratios by clicking here.

On the category pages of your website (i.e. those pages that display all the products in a particular category), the aspect ratios of your product images becomes important.

You can find out the ideal aspect ratio to use on your website and also the maximum size image that is displayed on your website by consulting the theme notes.