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Link lists

Customising your theme's link lists

Link lists are menus on your theme that are directly controlled by you through the theme customiser tool. They are different to your website's category menu (which is automatically derived from the categories on your website).

Each theme has a number of link lists that you can customise the links for (when your theme is installed we pre-populate most link lists for you).

You can find out more information about exactly where each link list is displayed on your theme on your theme's help guide.

Each link list is contained within it's own section in the link list customisation area, as shown on the example below. In this section we show a 'preview' of the links it contains to help you more easily identify it.

To customise the links within the link list click the 'edit menu items' link and a new section will open.

Some link lists have a 'menu title' field which is displayed above the links where the link list appears. Please note that depending on the link lists's location of your theme, not all link lists display a title (in which case the field is hidden).

Existing links in the list are shown in a table (with the link name) and two icons. You can click the compass icon to drag and drop the link into a new position within the menu. You can click the delete icon to remove the link from the menu.

To add a new link to the link list click the 'add menu item' button and a new sidebar will be displayed.

The 'link name' field should be used to enter the text of the link (the text that users will click on to visit the page).

The tool can automatically populate the link for you, without you having to know the page URL. From the 'links to' drop down select the type of page that you want to link to and from the 'page' drop down select the exact page (this drop down is searchable if there are a lot of options to choose from).

Alternatively, you can choose the 'links to' as custom and then enter the link URL in the 'page' field.

Please note that if you are linking to a page within your website you should not enter the full URL of the link here, only the 'path' (as shown in the screenshot below), making sure you enter a / at the start of the link.

If you are linking to a page on an external website, then enter the full URL here.

When you've made your changes, click the 'add link' button.

You do not need to save changes made to the link list, and on closing the sidebar (by clicking the 'x' icon at the top of the sidebar) your changes will automatically be applied.

Selecting a new link list

Link lists can also be controlled through the 'website' section of your ShopWired account (you can view more details here).

If you've created a new link list and want to display this in place of the link list chosen on your theme, select the new link list from the drop down list.