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Click & collect


Please note that platform checkout's click & collect functionality currently only works for ShopWired accounts within the United Kingdom.

How click & collect works

Platform checkout provides inbuilt support for click & collect functionality on your website, and is particularly useful if you have more than one location that customers can collect from.

If a customer selects their delivery zone as 'click & collect' on your website's shopping basket page, and if you have platform checkout's click & collect functionality enabled, instead of entering/selecting a shipping address for their order instead they'll be presented with a search screen, as shown in the example below.

From this screen the user can enter their postcode or town/city and click the search button.

On clicking search, the user will then be shown a list of click & collect locations (in order of distance from their entered town/city/postcode), with an indication of the distance of the location from their inputted location.

The user then just has to select one of the locations and then click proceed to carry on with the rest of the standard checkout process.

Activating click & collect

To activate the feature on your website's checkout, you will need to add the Click & Collect delivery zone to your shipping settings and configure at least one delivery rate for the zone (which could be, for example, applicable to orders from £0 to £unlimited and have a cost of £0).

On the platform checkout configuration page, in the Delivery & Billing section select yes for the Do you want to enable Click & Collect? setting.

On saving your changes, a new menu item will appear in the checkout side menu labelled Click & Collect

Adding click & collect locations

You must add at least one click & collect location.

Select 'checkout' from the left menu and then 'click & collect' and click the 'create a new location' box at the top of the page.

Enter the details of the location into the form.

When creating/editing a click & collect location you can select what delivery rates this should be available for. If you want customers to only be able to select a location if they have chosen a particular delivery rate at checkout (configured for the click & collect delivery zone) then select specified from the question Which delivery rates is this applicable to?.

A list of all the delivery rates that you have configured for the Click & Collect delivery zone will then appear for you to choose from.

When you've made all your changes click the 'create' button.