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Delivery zones

Delivery zones are the locations that your customers can choose from when on the shopping basket page. The delivery zone chosen by the customer will determine what delivery rates shown at checkout.

Delivery zone types

There are 3 types of delivery zones that you can configure rates for. These are:

i) Delivery zones that cover more than one country automatically (e.g. 'Rest of the World', 'European Countries').

ii) Each country, individually (e.g. 'United Kingdom', 'France').

iii) Special areas within the UK where delivery might be charged differently, e.g. Scottish Highlands, Isle of Wight, BFPO

Delivery zones covering more than one country

Rates configured for the Rest of the World delivery zone will apply to any country selected by the user that you haven't specifically added as a delivery zone.

Rates configured for the European Countries delivery zone will apply to any country selected by the user that is part of the continent of Europe (again where that country doesn't have rates configured individually for it).

A similar delivery zone to European Countries exists called EU VAT Zone Countries which applies to countries that are part of the EU VAT Zone.

Where countries are part of both the European Countries and EU VAT Zone delivery zones, the rates set for EU VAT Zones will take precedence.

A delivery zone also exists for the Channel Islands covering both Jersey and Guernsey (where those territories do not have rates configured individually).

Click & Collect

If you offer users the ability to pick up their order from your premises, another delivery zone called 'click & collect' can be added to your account for customers to choose. A delivery rate (which can be free of charge) does need to be setup for this delivery zone.

Adding new zones

When your account is created it will already have the United Kingdom delivery zone added, but adding new zones is easily done in your account. Select 'checkout' from the left hand menu and then 'delivery rates'.

To add a new zone just click the drop down list at the top of the page (in the 'add a new delivery zone' box).

Select the new zone from the list and then click the 'add this zone' button.

The added zone will then appear in the list of zones beneath (you can find out how to add rates to this zone by reading here).

Managing zones

Zones you have added will be shown in a list.

To open a zone and configure rates you just have to click on it.

Vat zones

If you're charging VAT on your website you can specify that they won't be charged VAT if they select a particular zone (like United States).

To do so you just have to untick the 'should VAT be charged to customers that select this zone' tick box.