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Creating delivery rates

Helpful tip!

Before you begin adding delivery rates to your zones you should first work out your full delivery structure. Click here to learn about delivery bands.

• Adding delivery rates
• Managing delivery rates
• Selecting a default delivery rate

Adding delivery rates

To add delivery rates to your delivery zones select Checkout > Delivery Rates from the menu and open the delivery zone you want to add rates to.

Then, select + Add A New Delivery Rate:

This form will then open:

Enter the name for your delivery rate. The name you enter will be displayed to your customers, so it is helpful to use a name descriptive of the delivery rate and the timeframe for expected delivery, e.g. “Standard Delivery (3-5 Days)”. You do not need to include the cost of the delivery in the name.

Under criteria choose either ‘By Price’ or ‘By Weight’:

If you choose price as your criteria enter the price range in the from and to boxes:

Important notes about price based delivery rates

  • When creating a rate based on the value of products in the basket, you must enter the 'from' and 'to' value including VAT, regardless of your VAT settings.
  • When creating price based delivery rates, you can set a maximum weight that each delivery rate allows by following the instructions here.

If you choose weight as your criteria enter the weight range in the from and to boxes:

In the 'range from' boxes you have the option to enter 0.00. In the 'range to' boxes you have the option to select unlimited to have the rate apply up to any value.

If you are basing your rate on weight you also have the option to include the weight of the package:

The system will then take the package weight into consideration when deciding which rates are applicable to a customer’s basket. For example, if you entered a package weight of 0.15kg and had a maximum allowable weight of 1.65kg for a delivery rate, the customer’s basket then cannot exceed 1.50kg in order to be eligible for that rate.

Finally, enter the cost for the delivery rate, which is how much your customer would pay if they choose that rate. Enter '0.00' for delivery to be free for that rate.

If your account is set up as VAT registered, and you have ticked the 'Charge VAT' tick box for the delivery zone, you will also see an option asking you if the delivery rate is zero-rated for VAT:

Click here to learn more about what this means.

If you have the delivery rate exceptions app installed, you will be able to exclude products from a delivery rate or make the delivery rate only available for certain products:

Once you have finished inputting information for your delivery rate select save changes. The delivery rate will then be added to your store and available for customers to use.

Managing delivery rates

Once you have created delivery rates for a zone they will be listed for you to be able to manage:

Name tells you the name you have given the delivery rate. Click on the name to edit the delivery rate.

Basket Variable tells you the range that the delivery rate applies to.

Cost tells you the cost you set for customers to pay for that delivery rate.

Use the bin icon under Delete to delete a delivery rate.

Selecting a default delivery rate

By default, when a customer chooses a delivery zone the platform will pre-select the cheapest delivery option available to them based on the products in their basket. You can override this setting by selecting a different default delivery rate from the dropdown:

Please note: the default will only show if the delivery rate is applicable to the products the customer has in their basket.