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Creating your delivery rates

Before you start adding delivery rates to your zones, we recommend that you first work out your delivery charging structure in full, either by writing it down or putting it on a spreadsheet.

Also, we recommend that you read this short article about delivery bands.

Creating a delivery rate

Once you know your delivery structure, you can start creating delivery rates.

1. On the delivery rates page click the zone you're adding rates for (in order to open the box).


2. Then click the 'add a new delivery rate' link and a new box will appear.

3. First you should enter a name for the rate. This will be displayed to the customer (along with the cost) when they are choosing their rate so it should describe it. We'd advise to give an indication of the expected delivery time as well, for example 'Standard Delivery (3-5 Days)'.

4. Next select either 'by price' or 'by weight' from the 'delivery rate criteria' field - according to the type of rate you are adding.


5. Then enter the 'from' and 'to' value in the 2 boxes beneath You can enter '0.00' in the 'from' field if you want to, and select 'unlimited' in the 'to' field as well.


If you select 'unlimited' it will mean that the rate applies up to any value.


If you're creating delivery rates based on the value of goods in their basket, you must enter the 'from' and 'to' value including VAT, regardless of your VAT settings.

6. Next enter the cost of delivery (i.e. the amount that the customer should be charged for the delivery option). You can enter '£0.00' if the delivery rate will be free.


7. If you have setup your account to tell our system you are VAT registered, then when adding the delivery rate you'll also be asked whether it is a 'vat exclusive' delivery rate. You should only tick this box if the delivery rate does not attract VAT. You can read more about this here.

8. Once you have finished don't forget to click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the form.

The delivery rate will now be added to your store and available for customers to use.

Maximum Weights

If you're creating delivery rates based on the total value of goods in a customer's basket, you can set a maximum weight that each delivery rate allows by following the instructions here.

Editing a delivery rate

You can edit an existing delivery rate by clicking on the rate name.


The form will then be shown for you to make your changes.

Deleting a delivery rate

Click on the 'delete' button next to an existing rate and click to confirm your decision. The delivery rate will then immediately be deleted from your store.

Default delivery rates

When a user selects a delivery zone from the drop down, the platform will pre-select the cheapest delivery rate for the visitor. You can override this setting by choosing a default delivery rate from the drop down.

Please Note: The selection will only work if the delivery rate is applicable to the products the visitor has in their basket.