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SKU codes

To begin using the stock management system your products must have SKU codes. A SKU code is a stock keeping unit code which distinguishes products from one another. Each product you sell should have one and each one should be unique. This includes using a different (even if only slightly different) code for each individual variation of every product that you sell. You cannot and should not use the same SKU code twice.

SKU codes are added to products when they are being created or edited. Where you input this code will depend if your product has variations or not.

• Products without variations
• Products with variations
• Automatic SKU codes for variations

Products without variations

For products without variations find the ‘Stock & Delivery Management’ section of the product creator/editor. The SKU code is entered using the box labelled ‘SKU’:

Products with variations

For products with variations the SKU code will be entered in the ‘Product Variants’ section. For each available variant enter a code under ‘SKU’:

Automatic SKU codes for variations

To automatically generate SKU codes for each variation on one of your products you will need to have entered a SKU code for the base product in the ‘Stock & Delivery Management’ section. Then select the button to generate the codes in the ‘Product Variants’ section under ‘Available Variations’:

This will then use codes based on the name of each variation as seen below: