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SKU codes

SKU stands for 'Stock Keeping Unit' and it refers to an individual, particular and distinct product available for sale, encompassing all variations of that product. A SKU code is a code that you give to that SKU.

For example, if you have a shop selling Trainers, a particular make & model of Trainer might be 'Nike Air Max 95'.

But, if the trainer comes in 5 different sizes, you can't give all sizes of the trainer the same SKU code, e.g. NAM95, otherwise you wouldn't be able to distinguish each size.

So, you would need to give each size a SKU code, e.g.

SKU Size
NAM95/7 Size 7
NAM95/8 Size 8
NAM95/9 Size 9
NAM95/10 Size 10
NAM95/11 Size 11

This way, you can identify each individual size of each individual trainer.

Entering A SKU Code

SKU Codes Must Be Unique!

Every SKU code you use either for a product or product variation must be unique, you cannot use the same SKU code twice.

Products Without Variations

If your product doesn't have variations then the SKU code is entered in the 'stock & delivery' management section (when adding/editing a product).

Enter the code in the SKU box.

Products With Variations

If your product does have variations you need to enter a SKU code for each variation. This is done in the variations section.

Automatic SKU Codes For Variations

Our system has a quick 'auto' button for you to automatically generate SKU codes for your variations.

Before you can use it you will need to enter a SKU code for the main product (as described above).

Next click the 'auto' button in the SKU column.

This will then populate the SKU column with automatic values based on the names of the variations.