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Visitor and conversion tracking

Tracking your visitors and monitoring their behaviour on your website can help you discover the strong and weak points of your website, so you can determine which areas need changing in order to increase conversions and sales.

There are two types of visitor tracking:

  1. Visitor tracking that tracks visitors to all of your website pages.
  2. Conversion tracking which tracks when visitors make a purchase on your website.

Both visitor tracking and conversion tracking can be set up by selecting Settings > Visitor Monitoring > Visitor Tracking from the menu.

• Getting visitor tracking
• Setting up visitor tracking
• What is conversion tracking?
• Setting up conversion tracking
• Google Ecommerce tracking

Getting visitor tracking

The ShopWired platform can provide you with basic visitor statistics through the ‘Visitor Statistics’ report, but it is strongly recommended that you set up a tracking provider for more detailed and advanced visitor monitoring. You won’t need to place code snippets onto your individual website pages as the code can be entered in one place on the management system, and the platform will then automatically place the code where it needs to be.

There are many companies offering visitor tracking that you can use, but we recommend you use Google Analytics, which is a free tool provided by Google. To use Google Analytics on your website you first need to create an analytics account. Click here to learn how to set up Google Analytics.

Setting up visitor tracking

To begin using the tracking system that you have chosen you will need to obtain the tracking code from your provider. Then, on your visitor tracking page in your ShopWired account, paste the code into the ‘Visitor Tracking Code’ box:

Make sure you have copied the code exactly as it is provided to you.

Once you have entered the code select save changes. You should then be able to see your visitor statistics in your account with your provider within 24 hours.

What is conversion tracking?

A conversion occurs when a visitor accesses your website from an advertising medium and then purchases a product from you. For example, if you were advertising on Google Adwords and somebody clicked on one of your adverts and then made a purchase that would be a conversion.

Conversion tracking is used to track and analyse these conversions. You should use conversion tracking to help you determine which of the marketing methods that you use are producing results and which aren’t. You can analyse each advert/keyword that you use to help you narrow down which methods work best for your store.

Setting up conversion tracking

Any provider you choose to use for your conversion tracking will provide you with ‘conversion code’ which is a small piece of computer code that needs to be placed on the ‘checkout success’ page of your website. This is the page that is shown to a customer when they successfully place and pay for an order. The code, however, won’t be able to be seen by the customers; it’s set so your provider can record that the customer made a purchase.

Once you have your conversion code enter it on the visitor tracking page in your ShopWired account, and the system will automatically place it on the appropriate page of your website. On your visitor tracking page place the code in the ‘Conversion Code’ box:

Make sure you have copied the code exactly as it is provided to you.

Once you have entered the code select save changes.

Google Ecommerce tracking

Google Analytics offers a tool called ‘Ecommerce Tracking’ which allows you to track your ecommerce data and see your orders in your Google Analytics account. More information about how the tracking works can be found here on Google’s website.

To install the ecommerce tracking on your account you will first need to make sure that you are using the ‘Universal Analytics’ feature of Google Analytics. Click here to learn how to set up Universal Analytics when creating your Google Analytics account.

Once you are using Universal Analytics enter your Google Analytics ID into the field on the visitor tracking page in your ShopWired account:

Your ID can be found in your Google Analytics account and will begin with the letters UA.

Once you have entered your ID select save changes.