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Can I put a filter system on my website?

Yes our platform does have the capability to allow you to offer a filter system to your website visitors.

A filter system is where you assign certain attributes to your products (like colour, shape, size etc.) and then when customers visit your website, they are able to quickly filter the products that they want to see.

A good example of this can be seen on the screenshot below from the Excellar website (which sells wine).

You can see that on the left hand side of the page, the customer is able to filter products. Next to each filter we display the number of products that have that filter. The user can select multiple filters if they want to.

You'll see that common filters are grouped together, in the example above filters are grouped into 'Grape Variety' and 'Region'.

When you use our filter system, you are able to create these filter groups yourself and decide which filter groups appear on which category pages.

How to enable this feature

The filter feature can be enabled on your account by activating the filter extension and installing the code on your website.

Alternatively, to create a design for your filter system and install it on to your website's theme, we make a one-off charge of £90. You can request design and installation by us by viewing the extension in your account and requesting the installation from there.