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Generate an SSL certificate

All ShopWired packages include a free SSL certificate for your domain name. An SSL certificate is used to protect data that your customers enter onto your website (such as name, address, credit/debit card information) and also helps to inspire confidence in your website to visitors and potential customers.

To generate an SSL certificate you will first need to have pointed the DNS on your domain name to the ShopWired servers. For more details on this see here.

Once the ShopWired platform recognises that the DNS is pointing correctly an 'SSL Certificate' section will appear on the domain name page in your ShopWired account (select 'your account' from the left menu and then 'domain name').

The initial status of your SSL will be not live so you'll need to click the 'generate SSL' button (as shown below).

Once you've clicked to generate the SSL the status will change to SSL generating as shown in the example below.

SSL certificates take up to 180 minutes to generate, please be patient whilst this process takes place. During this time the SSL status will remain as SSL generating.

Once the SSL has generated it will be automatically turned on in your account and your whole website will be served under the HTTPS protocol.

If you want to disable the certificate for any reason, you can click the button shown under the 'force https...' text to turn it off, your website will then not be covered by the SSL.

If you think there is an issue with your SSL certificate you can click the 'check ssl status' button to check its status.

Any problems?

If you encounter an error with your SSL certificate or the status returns with an error or invalid message then please contact us
Before contacting us, please ensure your domain name's DNS is correctly pointing at the ShopWired servers