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Links & content

A broken link is bad news for a website visitor, it can make the website look poorly organised and/or structured and if a customer is looking for information they can't find they may go elsewhere.

Before launching your online store we recommend checking all of your website's menus to check that each link on them works. This is really only necessary for menus generated through ShopWired's 'link lists' feature - and generally doesn't need to be done for your website's category menu.

Whilst checking each link, you shouldn't just check to make sure the link works but also check that the right page is loaded (i.e. the page you'd expect) and that the link is correctly labelled (i.e. the link name is right).

When you create your ShopWired account we create some website pages for you automatically (e.g. 'about us' and 'faqs') and we load these with default content for you to amend yourself. You can read more about how to edit these pages here.

If you're not using any of the default pages you can delete them, but you should check all of the ones that you are using to make sure that you have removed any default text and only your own content is displayed.

Terms & conditions and privacy policy

ShopWired provides a template for you to amend for your terms and conditions and privacy policy pages. Parts of these contain the text xxx which you'll need to change to show your company name and (where applicable) your company address.

When there's a problem

If you discover a problem when checking links and content use the help guides below to fix the problem. If you're still stuck then contact.

Incorrect link or link name - fix with the link lists featre

Incorrect or default website page text - fix with the website pages featre