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Delivery rates for all scenarios

Before launching your online store it's important to check that you have delivery rates that configure the different 'cart scenarios' that a customer may fit.

What is a cart scenario?

A cart scenario is either the total weight or total value (in $) of products in the customer's shopping cart when they attempt to check out.

For example, if you are selling products that all weight 0.5lbs each, and the customer has 3 products in their cart the total weight of the items is 1.5lbs. We'd therefore describe the customer's cart scenario as 1.5lbs.

If another customer orders 20 items, the total weight of their cart will be 10lbs. If you have only configured delivery rates that go to 5lbs then the customer won't be able to check out because they won't be able to select a delivery rate.

How to check your delivery rates cover all scenarios

If you are charging for delivery based on weight, you should make sure you have a delivery rate that covers up to an unlimited weight or at least the maximum weight that you are able to deliver through your chosen courier. Even if you have a maximum weight that you can handle, you may still want to consider creating a delivery rate that covers more than this maximum weight to ensure your customers can still order (maybe at an artifically higher price to cover time/expenses in delivering the package).

If you are charging for delivery based on value, you should create a delivery rate that covers up to an unlimited $ value.

If you have a mixture of weight based and value based delivery rates then you should make sure at least one covers an unlimited value.

Find out more

You can find out more about creating delivery rates here.