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Setting category sort orders

Categories are displayed on your website in multiple places.

They are displayed in the category menu:

And, if your category is a subcategory, it will be displayed on the 'home page' for the parent category:

The category 'home page' can be accessed by clicking on a category from the category menu.

By default, categories appear in these places in alphabetical order, but you can change this by changing their sort order. To do this select Products > View Categories from the menu.

On this page you will see all of your categories. Use the column named Sort Order to choose what order you want your categories to display in:

In this column you can place a number which will determine where the category appears. The lower the number you input the higher the category will appear, e.g. a category with the sort number 1 will appear first in the menu or on the page.

Click the + icon (or the number if there already is one) to input a number:

Once you have input a number click anywhere else on the screen, and the order will be set and automatically updated on your website. There is no save button to push to make changes.

When inputting the sort orders keep these things in mind:

  • Any categories that haven’t been given a sort number will appear in alphabetical order after the ones that have numbers.
  • If categories appear in the same place and have the same sort number they will appear in alphabetical order.