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How to create categories


If your category structure includes parent (and therefore sub) categories, we recommend that you create the parent categories first. Then move to the next category level.

1. Select 'products' from the left menu and then 'create new category'. A form will then be displayed.

First enter the category details.

Category Name
This is the name of the category as it will appear on your website.

Category Description
This should be a description of the products that you are selling. It is good for SEO purposes to include a text description for the category, but it isn't mandatory. The description box comes with an editor that you can use to change the style of the text you enter (e.g. by making it bold or in italics).

Category Image
Upload an image for your category. Your image can be in any size but we recommend you consult your theme notes to find out the correct size and aspect ratio for your category images.

Category Image ALT Tag
Specify an ALT tag for the category image.

2. If you want to feature your category on your website's home page then tick the 'is this a featured category' box.

This will make it display on your home page (although please note that there will be a limit on the number of categories your website's home page can display).

3. Finally you can select whether your category has a parent category. If you're not sure on this then read our article What's the difference between a subcategory and a parent category.

You can select up to 3 parent categories so if you need more than one just click the '+add another' link.


The category won't be live on your site unless it contains sub-categories that have products, or unless it contains products itself. As soon as you add a product (or sub-category with products) to the category then it will become live on the website.