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An introduction to stock management

'Stock' is defined as the quantity of a particular item that you have available for sale.

You can use the stock management tool to prevent a customer from purchasing a product that you don't have in stock, or to provide an easy reference to see what products you are running low on and need to order more of.

For example, if you sell mobile phones and have 10 iPhone 5S Silver 16GB in your warehouse, then your stock level is 10.

How The System Manages Stock

If you tell the system you have 10 of a particular product in stock, and a customer purchases 2 of them, your new stock level becomes 8. When your stock level is 0 customers will see an 'out of stock' message when trying to purchase the item.

The system also prevents your customers from ordering more of an item than you have in stock so, using the above example if the customer tried to add 9 to their basket they'd be told you only have 8 in stock.

When you get in new stock you can manually adjust the stock quantity for any item.

How To Use The Stock Management System

If you want to use the stock management tool, you must enter an SKU code for a particular product (or product variation). You can find out how here. The stock management tool will only work if you enter an SKU code.

Once you have entered an SKU code for an item, the system will immediately start managing stock for the item. You'll need to make sure that you also enter a stock value otherwise customers won't be able to purchase your items.

Stock Alerts

You can also setup a stock alert for each product you create. When your stock gets below the value you set, you'll be alerted by email.

You'll need to install the Stock Alert APP on your account, you can read more about it here.