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Exporting and importing stock

To import or export stock select Products > Manage Stock from the menu.

• Exporting stock
• Importing stock

Exporting stock

To export stock select Export in the top right corner:

A new screen will then appear:

Select prepare your export and give the system a few seconds to prepare your document.

When it's finished processing select download your export:

A CSV file will then be downloaded to your computer’s hard drive.

Importing stock

To import stock select Import in the top right corner:

A new screen will then appear:

To ensure your import file will meet the correct standards download and use the import template:

On the template you will enter the SKU code and the new quantity for the product. The SKU code must match a product on your account in order to work. If you have installed the 'Stock Alerts' app you will also see a column to set an alert level for when you want to be notified that the product's stock is running low.

Once you have finished making changes to your document save it as a CSV file. If you are using an Apple computer save it as a Windows Comma Separated (.csv) file.

To upload your file to the system select Choose file on the 'Import Stock' screen:

Select the correct file from your computer’s hard drive and then click import.

If you are uploading a large file it might take a few minutes to process, but don’t navigate away from the screen.

Once the upload is completed you will see an ‘Import completed’ success message and your stock quantities will have your newly input values.

Helpful tip!

If you want to make changes to a lot of your products, but don’t want to have to type in all of your SKU codes, use the document that is produced when you export stock to change your quantities.