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Assigning product choice sets to a product

Once you have created choice sets you can add them to products.

• Adding choice sets to products
• How choice sets display on your website

Adding choice sets to products

Find the ‘Product Choices’ section when creating or editing a product and click on it to open it:

Here you will see the list of all of the product choice sets that you have created.

To move choice sets around use the compass icon to drag and drop the choice set to a new position:

If you have configured 50 or more product choice sets, the compass icon will not be available for you to use to reposition choice sets. Instead you can sort the sets using the 'Sort Order' box which appears:

The lower the number you input the higher the set will appear. For example, a set with the sort number 1 will appear first.

To add a product choice set to a product tick the box next to the name of the choice set you want to use:

Then tick the boxes of all of the different choices that are available within that set:

Or, if all of the options are available, click the (select all) button:

If the option has an additional cost as well as the base price, put this number in the ‘Price’ box. If you had already added an additional price when you made the choice set that number will already be in the ‘Price’ box, but you can change it to suit each product if needed.

You can select as many choice sets as you want by repeating the process.

How choice sets display on your website

When a customer attempts to buy a product they will see the options they must choose from along with any additional cost they would incur by choosing a specific option: