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Product choices and the import/export system

If you are using the product import/export system to update or import your products in bulk, you can also use the system to add/update product choices.

Please note!

You don’t already need to have created a product choice set in order for the system to work. If the system does not detect a choice set with the information you have input, it will create the choice set for you. Giving a choice set the same name and internal name as another choice set with different options in each will cause the system to create just 1 choice set with all of the options you have included.

To do this you will need to use these 4 columns from the import template:

Product Choice Name
Product Choice Internal Name
Product Choice Options
Product Choice Prices

The first choice set that you add to a product should be placed on the same row as the main product information.

In the ‘Product Choice Name’ box place the name of the choice set you would like to be added to the product.

In the ‘Product Choice Internal Name’ box place the internal name of the choice set for use on the admin system.

In the ‘Product Choice Options’ box type all of the individual options in a choice set that you want to be available for that product and separate each one with a comma, like in this example:

In the 'Product Choice Prices' box type any additional cost for each choice option or type 0 if there isn’t an additional cost for any particular option. If none of the options have an additional cost, or you just want to use the additional cost you added when you made the choice set, you can leave this box blank:

If you want to add multiple choice sets to one product, place them on new rows of the spreadsheet directly beneath the main product, and type Choice into column A (Item ID) for that row. This would look something like this:


When creating a spreadsheet for importing products it’s recommended that you only create a few products at first and then send the spreadsheet to us to check for mistakes. It’ll be much easier for you to correct any problems found if you haven’t already filled in hundreds of products.