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Product file uploads

The product file uploads feature allows you to determine on each product if you want your customers to be able to upload a file (or multiple files) to go with the product. This is useful if you are printing an image on a product and need the customer to send you the image.

• Changing settings
• Adding file uploads to products
• Downloading the file(s)

Changing settings

To allow for file uploads on a product you will need to change your product settings. To do this select Settings > Products from the menu.

Find the section that asks about uploading files for products, as shown below:

Change the setting to ‘Yes’ and select save changes.

Adding file uploads to products

To add file uploads to a product find the section named ‘Additional Information’ when creating or editing a product:

Use the box named ‘Number Of File Uploads Allowed’ to indicate how many files you would like your customers to be able to add to the product:

Then when your customer views the product page they will be able to add files to the product before they add it to their basket:

Please note!

There is a maximum file size of 50 MB per file. If you expect to receive files close to or exceeding this limit you will need to use a different way for customers to send you files. Please contact us for assistance.

Downloading the file(s)

To download a file that a customer has added to a product select Orders > View Orders from the menu and then select View to see the details of the order. By ‘Uploaded Files’ will be the product name and number of files:

Select this to download the files to your computer’s hard drive.


The system does not scan files uploaded by customers for viruses. Before you download them it would be highly recommended that you have them scanned by your virus software.