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Charging for delivery to wholesale/business customers

Often you will want to make a different charge for delivery to your wholesale/trade customers to your normal customers.

If you have the trade accounts feature enabled on your account then you'll be able to activate the wholesale delivery pricing feature.

Enabling the wholesale delivery feature

To activate the feature click 'settings' from the left hand menu and then 'b2b'. Tick the 'yes' box next to 'wholesale delivery'.


(don't forget to save the changes).

If you go back to the main site menu you'll now see (in the 'checkout' menu) a link to 'wholesale delivery', click here. (You may need to refresh the page if you can't see the link).

Configuring your wholesale delivery rate

1. There are 2 settings you can enter:

i) A standard delivery cost (a one off charge) for wholesale customers
ii) A free delivery threshold

2. The standard delivery cost will be charged to your wholesale customers as a one off fee no matter what products they order (subject to (ii) above).

3. The free delivery threshold is a value (in £) that the wholesale customer has to order equal to (or above) in order to get free delivery.

4. In the example below, the customer will pay £3.95 for delivery unless they spend over £50.


5. Once you've entered your values click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page.

Wholesale delivery rates will not be available to your normal customers.