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Billing & invoices

At the start of every billing cycle an invoice will be generated showing your subscription payment, and the payment card stored on your account will be charged automatically. The date of your billing cycle is determined by the date that you first signed up for a ShopWired account. For example if you opted for a monthly package on the March 3rd, your billing cycle will run from March 3rd to April 2rd (and for similar periods each month thereafter).

You can view and download your invoice(s) by selecting Your Account > Billing / Invoices from the menu. Your invoices are located in the ‘Your Invoices & Credit Notes’ section:

If you have paid for the coding for some apps to be installed on your theme, you can also find your invoices for that work here.

The 'Your ShopWired Package' section of the billing page shows you what your billing period is, what package you are on and how much of your allowed turnover usage (for the past 365 days) and product usage has been used.

App charges are calculated daily, on a pro-rata rate of the monthly fee. For example, an app that costs $3.00 per month, when there are 30 days in the current month, has a daily charge of $0.10. If you had the app installed for 10 days, you would be charged $1.00. On the 1st of each month, the billing system calculates the total cost for each app that you had installed in the previous calendar month, generates an invoice and charges your stored payment card.

You can also view how many paid apps you have and the charges for those apps in the ‘Your APP Usage’ section:

Select the tooltip beside 'Last Month's APP Charges' to see your approximate totals for the paid apps you were charged for in the previous month: