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Importing listings from eBay to your website

If you have listings on your eBay store which you would like to import to your ShopWired website, use the import tool which can be found by selecting Settings > eBay from the menu.

• Importing listings from eBay
• Uploading listings to ShopWired
• Importing item specifics

Importing listings from eBay

Use the ‘Import Your Products From eBay’ section to begin importing your eBay products. To start the process select begin your import:

While the product information is being gathered from eBay a ‘Checking’ message will display:

If you have a lot of products on eBay, allow the system plenty of time to gather the product information.

Please note!

eBay listings that have 'cross border trade' enabled will not be imported. To import these listings you will need to turn off the cross border trade feature on the listing within your eBay account.

Filtering your listings

You can then use the filters to easily find which of your eBay products you want to import:

Use the ‘Filter by eBay category’ to find products you’ve placed within a certain eBay category.

Use the ‘Filter by eBay own category’ to find products you’ve placed within one of the eBay categories you created.

Use the ‘Filter by import status’ to import by:
-Never imported - products which have never been imported into your ShopWired account before
-Already imported but not ShopWired products - listings that were previously imported using the import tool but where you selected not to create them as a product
-Already imported and ShopWired products - products which have previously been imported and created as a product

Use the ‘Listed Date From’ and ‘Listed Date To’ fields to select date filters based on the date that the item was listed on eBay.

Importing listings when you have more than 1000

If you have more than 1000 listings in your eBay account, the number of pages that are available to be imported will be displayed above the filters:

You will need to import your listings in ‘chunks’. To do this select which pages you would like to import by entering the starting page number and the ending page number in the ‘from page’ and ‘to page’ boxes respectively.

You can only import 10 pages at a time (i.e. pages 3 - 12 or 19 - 28). There are 100 listings per page.


You will need to make a note of which pages you have already imported as the system will not record this for you.

You can also then choose to filter the listings that will display by using the filters mentioned above. If you filter your listings, only the products that apply to the filters and that exist within the pages you have imported will be displayed.

eBay categories

Finally, before loading your listings, you can choose if you would like categories to be created in your account based on your eBay shop categories:

Place a tick in the box for the system to automatically create categories based on your eBay shop categories. Your listings will then automatically be assigned to those categories in the same way they are assigned to them in your eBay account.

You may need to organise your category structure once they have been imported.

Once you’ve configured the above settings select import.

eBay import restriction!

Due to a restriction on the eBay API, listings can only be imported within a 180 day window. Listings can only be imported if they were listed within the past 150 days or are set to become listings within the next 30 days. Any listings created outside of this time frame will not be imported.

Uploading listings to ShopWired

Once you have selected import a new page will load with all of your available products from eBay for you to see and select which of them you want to upload to your ShopWired account:

Under Image is the main product image for the product.
Under Product Name is the name of the product as it is on eBay.
Under Category you can select which of your ShopWired categories you would like the product to be placed into (this is not mandatory).
Under Price is the price you have listed the product for on eBay.
Select View to see the eBay listing on the eBay website.
Under Import place a tick in the box of all of the products you want to import to ShopWired.

Once you’ve chosen which products you want to import and which categories you want to import them into then select save + import.

Alternatively, select import all listings from all pages at the top of the page to import all of the listed products.

Importing item specifics

When you import products from eBay to ShopWired item specifics which you have set up for the eBay product will be imported if you have already created the custom field within your ShopWired account. Click here to learn how to configure custom fields for eBay item specifics.

Item specifics will only be imported for existing custom fields which have a name that starts with ebay_. For example, if the item specific on eBay is called Department, the custom field in your ShopWired account should have the Name set as ebay_department and the Label set as Department.