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Sending products to be listed on ebay

Products can only be sent to be listed on eBay if they contain certain information.

We also advise that you use the stock management system if sending products to ebay, even if you don't need to monitor stock levels. To use the stock management system you should enter a SKU code for each product (or product variation) together with a stock quantity (which can be set to 999 if you don't want to monitor stock levels).

Products that you want to send to be listed on eBay should contain:

i) An eBay product category
ii) A GTIN
iii) An MPN (if applicable)
iv) A brand/manufacturer (if applicable)

The GTIN and MPN can be entered for each product in the 'additional information' section when adding/editing a product.

You can enter a brand/manufacturer for the product by installing the Brands APP.

To enter the eBay product category open the 'ebay information' section.

You can select up to 2 categories here.

eBay condition

You can select an eBay condition for the item from the drop down.

The best offer feature

If you'd like to receive best offers on the product then tick the box shown on the example below. More information about the best offer feature can be found on eBay's website here.

Please note that at the current time you will need to manage any 'best offers' received on products directly in your eBay account.

Your own eBay product category

If you've set your own eBay categories within your eBay account, then you'll be able to select one of these categories from the drop down list.

You can select up to 2 categories here.

Shipping settings

Each product sent to eBay must be sent with information on the delivery options available for the customer to choose from.

You may have already configured some default delivery rates on the eBay settings page in your account. These can be selected by ticking the box next to the delivery rate name.

If you want to specify an individual delivery rate applicable only to the product you are working on, then you can do so using the section beneath.

Select the service from the drop down list (which is pre-defined by eBay) and then enter the cost.

You cannot configure more than 4 delivery rates for an individual product.

International shipping rates

You can also configure up to 5 international shipping rates, in exactly the same way as how you have configured domestic shipping rates.

For each international service you select you'll need to select whether the rate is available 'world-wide' (i.e. to anyone, anywhere in the world) or whether it only applies to specific countries/regions.

If you select the 'specify by area' checkbox under the 'suitable for shipping to' title then a new list will appear beneath for you to select from.

(Please Note: The countries/regions of this list are defined by eBay - we're unable to add in areas or countries to this list).


You cannot specify different rates (i.e. to different countries/regions and with a different price) for a product with the same service type (e.g. 'Parcelforce Global Express', 'International Tracked Postage').

Sending a product to be listed on eBay

To list a product on eBay navigate to the 'view products' page in your account (select 'products' from the left menu and then 'view products').

To send a product to eBay click on the tick box shown in the example below.

Then go to the bottom of the page and click the 'send selected products to ebay' button.

A window will then appear asking you to select the start date and time for the listing and the listing duration.

By default we'll start the listings immediately and for 30 days, but you can change these values if you want to.

If you are sending multiple items to be listed at once, you can click the arrows (indicated on the screenshot below) to 'fill down' the start date/time and listing duration entered for the first product, into the other products.

Once the products have been sent to eBay a message will be shown at the bottom of the page. Sometimes an error can occur when sending the product to eBay (i.e. if eBay refuse to list the product), if there are errors these will be displayed to you so that you can amend the product accordingly and try again.

You can send multiple products to eBay at the same time.

You may not be able to tick a product to send it to eBay if certain information that is required for an eBay listing, if this is the case a 'not eligible' message will be displayed.

If a product has already been sent to eBay then you will not be able to send it until the expiry time which is shown in the column at the right (headed 'end time').

Syncing stock levels

If you enter a SKU code for a product and a stock quantity, then our system will automatically sync stock levels between the product in your account and the eBay listing.

This means that whenever you:

i) Receive an order for the product through your website
ii) Receive an order for the product through eBay
iii) Adjust the stock level for the product when editing the product, doing a product import update, or a stock update

The stock quantity will be synced on both eBay and your website automatically.