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eBay profiles

Business policies enable you to streamline the listing process on eBay. When creating a listing, instead of having to set preferences for shipping, payments and returns on a listing-by-listing basis, you can instead create templates that can be selected for listings.

For more information about business policies you can refer to eBay's help guide here.

ShopWired supports the use of business policies for creating listings from ShopWired for eBay (known as profiles), but the policies must be created within your eBay account.


Once you enable policies, you will not be able to assign/create shipping rates on a per-product basis for eBay listings you want to create through ShopWired.

Enabling policies and profiles

To enable the use of policies, navigate to the eBay settings page within your ShopWired account by selecting 'settings' from the left menu and then 'eBay'.

Click the 'enable profiles' button in the top right of the screen.

ShopWired will then download the latest profiles from your eBay account for shipping, payments and returns.

Adding profiles to your products

If you add new profiles to your eBay account these can be downloaded from eBay into ShopWired (and therefore made available for use when creating listings) by clicking the 'refresh profiles' link in the top right of the eBay settings page.

When adding/editing a product within ShopWired, in the 'eBay information' section you'll be able to select the policies you want to use for the listing.

Profiles can also be assigned to a product using the product import system. Using the columns labelled eBay Shipping Profile, eBay Payment Profile and eBay Return Profile. You must only enter the ID for each profile into these columns (you can obtain the IDs from your eBay account).