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eBay settings

Before you can import products to eBay you will need to configure your settings in the app by selecting Settings > eBay from the menu. The settings you choose on this page will be used whenever a product is exported to eBay.

• General eBay app settings
• Shipping settings
• eBay styles
• Order status setting

General eBay app settings

Use the ‘eBay Settings’ section to configure general settings for the eBay app:

PayPal Email Address
In this field enter the email address of the PayPal account where you will receive PayPal payments when the listing is purchased on eBay.

In this field enter the postcode where your items are located. This will be displayed on the item listing on eBay.

Dispatch Time
Choose from the selection box the average amount of time it takes you to dispatch an order once it has been received. Click here to read more information about this on eBay's website.

If you don’t accept returns select ‘Not Accepted’ from the drop-down menu. If you do accept returns select how long a customer has to return an item that they have purchased from you.

Price Increase/Decrease Percentage
In this field enter the decimal amount for how much you want the prices you have entered on ShopWired to increase/decrease when imported to eBay. The number entered in this field must be in decimal format, with 1.0 being the same price imported to eBay that is on your ShopWired website and 2.0 being a 100% increase in the price that is imported to eBay.

Listed below are some examples of the increases and decreases that would occur if you entered the associated decimal:

1.1 = 10% increase in price 0.9 = 10% decrease in price
1.2 = 20% increase in price 0.8 = 20% decrease in price
1.3 = 30% increase in price 0.7 = 30% decrease in price
1.4 = 40% increase in price 0.6 = 40% decrease in price

For example, if you have a product that costs £10 on your ShopWired website and you enter 1.2 in the field, the price of the product when imported to eBay would be £12. And if you entered 0.8 in the field, the price of the £10 product would be £8.

Shipping Cost Type
In this field choose from
Fixed - meaning that no matter how much the customer orders they will always be charged the same for shipping
Variable - meaning eBay will multiply the shipping cost by the number of items ordered
Discounted - meaning a percentage discount (which you choose) would be applied to additional purchases

If you choose Discounted enter the percentage of the discount in the field that appears:

The discount entered here must be greater than 0 and smaller than 100. You cannot enter 100.

Should we specify a VAT Percent for eBay listings?
Select ‘Yes’ if you want the item’s VAT information to appear on the item’s listing page. To specify a VAT percent your eBay account must have a VAT-ID registered.

Do you charge VAT for shipping?
If you are VAT registered and you charge VAT on your shipping costs select ‘Yes’ here. If you don’t charge VAT on your shipping costs select ‘No’.

Should we send stock updates to eBay?
If ‘Yes’ is selected for this setting, as it will be by default, then regular stock updates will be sent to eBay for products on your ShopWired account that are linked to an eBay listing. These updates will reflect any stock changes for the product that have occurred on your ShopWired account due to a manual change or the product being purchased on your website. This means that your ShopWired account should be used as your main stock controller and any stock adjustments (including entering new stock) should be made within the ShopWired platform.

Please note!

If you are making stock updates through a CSV upload, you should only use the stock import feature. Do not use the product import feature to update your stock if you want the stock updates to be sent to eBay as it will not work.

Alternatively, if you want to use eBay as your main stock controller, with stock information sent from eBay to your ShopWired account, then select ‘No’ to stop stock updates being sent to eBay, and for the new setting that appears, to receive stock updates from eBay, select ‘Yes’:

If you choose to configure your settings with stock information being received from eBay you should make your stock adjustments (including entering new stock) on your eBay account. The ShopWired platform will then only adjust stock on your eBay account when a purchase is made on your ShopWired website.

Please note!

Due to eBay API restrictions, the ShopWired platform can only receive stock updates from eBay on an hourly basis.

Activate Global Shipping Programme for all products?
Enable this setting to mark all of the products you send to eBay as eligible for eBay's Global Shipping Programme. Enabling this setting will override any selection you made on an individual product. If you have some products which you don't want to be eligible for the programme you should leave this setting on No and instead configure the setting on each product individually when creating/editing the product.

To use the Global Shipping Programme you will need to enable the feature within your eBay account. Click here to learn more about eBay's Global Shipping Programme.

Once you have finished adjusting your settings select save changes.

Shipping settings

eBay mandates that products which are sent to them for listing must contain information about what shipping option(s) are available to customers when they purchase the product.

Use the ‘Delivery Rates’ sections of the eBay app settings page to configure standard rates that can be selected for all products. (Additionally, when creating/editing a product in your account you can manually configure delivery rates that are only applicable to that product.)

You can add domestic and international default rates.

Domestic rates

To add domestic rates use the ‘United Kingdom Delivery Rates’ section (if your account’s default location is not the UK, ‘United Kingdom’ will be replaced by whatever the location is for your account):

To create a new shipping rate select Add A New Delivery Rate and a box will appear beneath:

Enter a name in the Internal Name box for your internal purposes which can help you identify different rates which you create.
In the drop-down under Service choose from the list, which has been provided by eBay, the appropriate service for your delivery rate.
In the Cost box enter the cost to the customer if they choose the service.

Once you have finished configuring the delivery rate select save changes. You can configure as many default rates as you would like.

International rates

Use the ‘International Delivery Rates’ section to, optionally, configure international shipping rates:

To create a new shipping rate select Add A New Delivery Rate and a box will appear beneath:

Fill in the Internal Name, Service and Cost boxes in the same way as for domestic shipping rates.

Then choose if the shipping rate is suitable for worldwide shipping or if it only applies to specific areas.

If you select ‘Specify By Area’ a new list will appear for you to select which countries/regions the rate should apply to:

Please note!

The countries/regions in this list are defined by eBay. We are unable to add any other areas or countries to the list.

Once you have finished configuring the delivery rate select save changes. You can configure as many default rates as you would like.

eBay styles

If you would like to send a stylesheet with your product listings to make your product descriptions look more interesting on eBay enter it in the ‘eBay Styles’ section. The box accepts CSS and HTML. You can either enter some styles or use an eBay template which can be obtained from a number of different template providers.

When you find a template to use you will be supplied with the HTML/CSS code which you should paste into the 'Styles/Template' box, as in this example:

Please note!

The CSS/HTML entered in this box will not affect the display of your product descriptions on your website. It will only alter them on eBay.

This field has full access to the product object (twig code that outputs dynamic content about each product). For example, if your template has space for the product description, this can be added using the code {{ product.description }}.

By default, the normal product description will be included at the end of the template. If you don’t want this to happen tick the box beside ‘Yes’ under ‘Should we exclude the product description from being appended to the template?’

If you find that you need assistance from a CSS/HTML professional to correctly format your template then we can help you, but there may be an additional charge for this. Please contact us for more information.

Order status setting

To use the ShopWired management system to tell eBay that you have shipped an order that was placed on your eBay store you will need to update the order status of the order to the order status that you have set to match the default status of ‘Shipped Orders’. This order status is usually ‘dispatched’, but can be different if you’ve changed the name or created a new order status.

To match your order status to the system’s default status select Settings > Order Status > Order Status from the menu.

At the bottom of the page is the ‘Default Order Status’ section. For the ‘Shipped Orders’ status select your order status from the drop-down menu:

Once you’ve selected your order status select save changes.