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eBay settings

Before you can start sending products to eBay you'll need to specify a few things. This information is sent to eBay each time you send a product.

To set your eBay settings select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'ebay'.

The first box covers general settings about how the eBay app works.

PayPal Email Address
This is the email address of your PayPal account where you will receive PayPal payments when the listing is purchased on eBay.

Dispatch Time
This is the amount of time it takes you to dispatch an order once it has been received. Use an average here. For more information see

Whether you accept returns or not and, if so, how many days a customer has to return an item to qualify for a full refund (save in cases where the item is faulty or not delivered).

Your Postcode
This is the postcode that your items are located at.

Shipping Cost Type
This can either be 'fixed' - so that no matter how much the customer orders they are always charged the same for shipping, 'variable' - where we eBay will multiply the shipping cost by the number of items ordered, or 'discounted' where a % discount (which you specify) is applied to additional purchases.

Specifying a VAT Percent for eBay Listings
If 'yes' is selected, the item's VAT information appears on the item's listing page. To specify a VAT Percent your eBay account must have a VAT-ID registered.

Do you charge VAT for shipping
If you have indicated that your business is VAT registered then you can set here whether VAT is charged for shipping your products.

Once you've entered/selected your settings click the 'save changes' button.

Default listing duration
This is the default listing duration (e.g. 30 days, good 'till cancelled), that we'll use when creating eBay listings. Please note, that this listing duration can still be overridden when creating the listing on eBay from your website account.

Stock syncing

By default, for products linked to an eBay listing, we'll sync stock with eBay by sending regular stock updates to the eBay listing when the stock for the item changes on your website, for example when the product is ordered through your website or you change the stock quantity of it.

To retain this setting, select 'yes' for the option 'should we send stock updates to ebay'.

This means that your website will be the controller of stock quantities of items, and if you get new stock or need to make a manual stock adjustment you should do so on your website and then allow that to push the stock update across to eBay.

As an alternative, your website can instead receive stock information from eBay (and therefore not send stock updates to eBay).

To select this option select 'no' for the sending of stock updates to eBay and then 'yes' for the new option that appears (to receive stock updates from eBay).

Once selected, your website will not send any stock updates to eBay (except when orders are placed) and any stock quantity changes you make to items on your website account will not be sent to eBay so when you receive new stock or need to make manual stock updates these should be made on the eBay platform.

Please Note!

Due to eBay API restrictions, we can only receive stock updates from eBay on an hourly basis.

Shipping settings

Each time you send an item for listing on eBay, eBay mandate that you send information about what shipping option(s) are available to customers purchasing the product.

When adding/editing a product in your account you'll be able to manually configure delivery rates only applicable to that product, but you can also use the 'delivery rates' section on the eBay settings page in order to configure some standard rates.

Click the 'add a new delivery rate' link and a box will appear beneath.

i) The 'internal name' is just for your internal purposes and will help you identify differently priced rates.
ii) The 'service' must be selected from a list defined by eBay.
iii) Finally enter the cost for the service.

Once you have finished, click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the box.

You can configure as many default rates as you like.

International shipping

Optionally, you can configure international shipping rates as well.

These are created in the same way as domestic shipping rates but using the 'international delivery rates' box.

For each international service you select you'll need to select whether the rate is available 'world-wide' (i.e. to anyone, anywhere in the world) or whether it only applies to specific countries/regions.

If you select the 'specify by area' checkbox under the 'suitable for shipping to' title then a new list will appear beneath for you to select from.

(Please Note: The countries/regions of this list are defined by eBay - we're unable to add in areas or countries to this list).

eBay styles

If you'd like to send a stylesheet with your product listings or HTML header, then you can enter it here.

This box will accept CSS and HTML.

Order status setting

If you want to use the management system to tell eBay when you have shipped an order placed on your eBay store, then you can do so by updating the order status to 'dispatch' (or whatever you have chosen to call the order status).

Before you can do this however you must match your own order status to our system's default status.

To do so select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'order status' and then 'order status'.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and to the 'default order status' section.

For the 'shipped orders' default order status, select your own order status from the drop down on the right. This will more than likely be 'dispatched' but maybe different if you have changed the name of the status.

Click to save your changes when finished.