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The account_order.twig view hosts the page where the user can view the full details about their order.

Order information

The view has access to the order object to display details about the order, such as:

• Order reference
• Order date
• Order totals
• Any reward points earned on the order

Order status & tracking

The status of the order can be displayed using the order.status variable.

If a tracking URL has been set for the order this can be displayed using the order.tracking_url variable. You may want to surround this with an {% if %} tag to ensure that no content is outputted unless a tracking URL has been set, e.g.

{% if order.tracking_url %}
    You can track the status of your delivery by <a href="{{ order.tracking_url" }}>clicking here</a>.
{% endif %}

Order addresses

The billing and shipping names and addresses can be access through the order object.

Items in the order

The view has access to the items that were contained in the order through the order product object, e.g.

{% for product in order.products %}
    {{ }}
{% endfor %}

Order CSV and PDF

Through the platform account, a website owner can view a CSV and PDF containing the individual details of an order. These can also be accessed through the website by appending ?csv or ?pdf to the end of the order URL.


<a href="{{ order.url }}?pdf">PDF</a>