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The checkout_login.twig view is an optional additional step in the checkout process. After submitting the basket form, a visitor can either be directed to /checkout/address or /checkout/login.

The checkout/login page will present users with a choice of creating an account, logging into an existing account or (if enabled) proceeding through a 'guest' checkout process.


The form should present the user with the ability to login to their account with the checkout/login form.

Optionally you should give users the choice of creating an account with an account creation form, e.g.

<form action="/account/create" method="post">
        <label>Your Name</label>
        {{ html.input('firstname', '', 'required') }}
        <label>Email Address</label>
        {{ html.input('email', '', 'required') }}
        {{ shopwired.honeypot() }}
        <button class="button">Create Your Account</button>

The name and email address fields are created using a simple HTML macro.

Guest checkout

Guest checkout allows a user to proceed through checkout without logging into an account or creating one.

It is enabled by simply giving the user the ability to click through to checkout/address, e.g.

<a href="/checkout/address">
    Checkout As A Guest

You may choose to use a theme setting to allow the theme owner to decide whether guest checkout is enabled so that it can easily be turned on/off with a theme setting change.