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Creating delivery bands

1. Take a look at the screenshot below.


Here, we are using delivery based on the total value of goods in a customers basket.

Two rates have been created for 'Standard Delivery' (the name of the rate).

So if the customer's basket is between £0.00 and £49.99 in value then the cost will be £3.95. If they spend £50 or over, then delivery is free.

2. Take a look at the next screenshot.


Notice that the delivery rates shaded in red and the rates shaded in green relate to the same basket value.

So if a customer's basket value is £25.00, one of two rates can be chosen by the customer.


i) Next Day Delivery - £4.95 or,
ii) Standard Delivery - £3.95

The customer has a choice.

All that has been done to create this, is that we have created 2 sets of delivery rates with the same delivery bands.

Exactly the same can be done if calculating delivery costs by weight.

3. Finally, take a look at the screenshot below.


Here we've slightly changed the delivery rates so that they aren't using the same delivery banding, but they do overlap.


Next Day Delivery is only free if a customer orders £100 or over.
Standard delivery is free on orders £50 or over.

We Can Help!

If you need assistance on working out your delivery bands or rates then please contact us