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Charging for delivery by weight or by product price

As a customer adds items to their shopping basket, your website will automatically calculate the total value of those items. So if a customer has a product that costs £10, and one that costs £15, the total value of those products is £25.

Similarly, if you've entered the weight of each of your products (when adding/editing a product), as customers add items to their basket, your website will automatically calculate the total weight of those items. (Although it won't display the total weight to the customer).

You can therefore choose to configure your delivery rates according to the total weight or total value of items in a customers basket (or both).

Setting delivery rates

The article here describes how to create delivery rates to your store.

It's possible to configure delivery rates that are based both on the total weight and total value of items in a basket, for example you may be pricing delivery based on the total weight but also want to offer free delivery if a customer spends over £100.

Weight based rates

If you are basing your delivery rates on the total weight of items in a customer's basket, you are able to enter the weight of the package that the package will be sent in.

The weight of the package will be taken into account when the platform decides which delivery rates are applicable to the basket.

In the example above the package weight is entered as 0.15kg. The maximum allowable weight of the delivery rate is 1.65kg so the maximum weight that the basket can be to allow this delivery rate to be selected is 1.50kg.