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An introduction to digital downloads

The Digital Downloads APP allows you to sell digital products through your website.

Its very easy to setup and involves just a two stage process:

i) Upload a digital file to your account (or provide the URL of a file hosted on an external server)
ii) Link the digital file to a product you have created

You can link more than one digital file to the same product.

When a customer purchases a product that is a digital download product, they will automatically be emailed a link(s) to the downloadable products. From this email they can click the link and download the files.

In your account you'll be able to:

i) Set the maximum amount of time that a download link is valid for (in days)
ii) Set the maximum number of times that a download link will work
iii) Configure the email that is sent to the customer when they purchase a digital product

Hosting your files externally/large files

You may already be hosting your files on an external server/system, or think that it would be better for you to do so. This is particularly true if you have files that have a large file size.

For more information on how to achieve this please see our help guide here.

Please note!

If you are hosting your files externally, our system will not deliver the actual URL of your files to your customers, instead we create a safe download link that is sent to the customer so that the file is protected in the same way that files uploaded directly to our servers are protected. The file is not copied to our server either, instead it is mirrored through our URL when the client downloads it.