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Product bundles

The product bundles app allows you to create a product that is a combination of already existing products. This creates a more convenient way for the customer to buy related products and also allows you to offer them at a discounted price. For example, you might sell two separate products such as a TV and a DVD player, but with the product bundles app you can create a bundle ‘TV and DVD player’ product, which you could offer at a lower price than if the customer bought the items separately.

To start creating product bundles you will first need to install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Product Bundles’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

Please note!

The bundles system does not currently work with constituent products (products part of the bundle) when those products contain variations.

• Creating a bundle product
• Google feed
• Stock status

Creating a bundle product

When you create a bundle product it will be considered a product in its own right, meaning it can have its own images, price and name. It is also able to be viewed on its own product page just like any other product.

To create a bundle product select the tick box by ‘This product is a bundle/package product’ in the ‘Bundle/Package Product’ section when creating or editing a product:

This will open the section for you to input the details of the bundle:

Use the drop down selection box to select the constituent products for the bundle:

In the field beside the selection box enter the quantity for how many of the product should be included in the bundle.

Select + add another to add as many products as you want to the bundle.

Bundle advertisement

On the product pages on your website it is possible to display the details of a bundle that the product is a part of to encourage your customers to buy the bundle rather than just the sole product:

Use the 'Bundle/Package Title' field to enter the title that you want to be displayed in the advertisement for the bundle. Select Choose file under ‘Bundle/Package Image’ to select an image from your computer that you want to be used in the advertisement:

The image you upload here should represent the bundle package that is on offer, as shown in this example from Cork Yogis:

Please note!

This feature is not automatic, so in order for bundle advertisements to display on your website you will need to make some coding changes to your theme. Installation instructions can be found here.

Google feed

If you are using the Google feed feature, you can submit the product with the ‘is_bundle’ attribute so the feed knows it is a bundle product. To do this tick the box for the ‘is_bundle’ attribute in the ‘Google Shopping’ section of the product creator/editor:

For a more detailed explanation of this attribute click here.

Stock status

If you are using the system to track your stock levels for products, the stock levels for constituent products in bundles are automatically synced with the level set on the product's individual page. A bundle’s stock status will then be determined by whether or not all of the constituent products are in stock. If just one of the constituent products is out of stock, then the bundle will also be out of stock.

Whilst you are able to add a SKU code to the bundle product, you cannot enter a stock quantity for it. SKU code entry is available so you can use the trade prices feature for bundle products if you need to.