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ShopWired’s integration with Vend allows you to automatically sync data between your Vend and ShopWired accounts.

The integration will sync order data (orders can either be imported from Vend into ShopWired or exported from ShopWired into Vend), customer data (syncs customer accounts between the two platforms), stock levels (syncs stock automatically between both platforms) and products (allowing you to import products from Vend into ShopWired).

To begin syncing your data with Vend you will first need to install the Vend app within your ShopWired account. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Vend’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

Once you’ve installed the app you will need to connect your Vend store to your ShopWired account. To do this select APPs > Vend from the menu. Then select the Connect to Vend button. This will load the Vend website where you should login and authorise ShopWired to have access to your Vend account’s data, so that ShopWired can sync data between the two platforms.

The following instructions describe the different settings that can be set within the app's configuration page. Once you have selected your settings you must tick the 'enable' tick box (located at the top of the page) and select save changes to enable the app to begin syncing data.

Vend sync (initial) settings
Stock sync settings
Order sync settings
Importing products from Vend
Reward points

Please note!

The ShopWired support team are unable to provide help or support with regards to your use of Vend. We can only support you on the functions that our app provides.

Vend sync (initial) settings

Once you have authorised ShopWired's connection with your Vend account you'll be asked to choose if you want stock levels and/or orders to be synced:

You'll then be asked to configure the settings according to which system you want to control stock levels and and which system you want to process orders:

It is not possible to change these settings once you have activated them. In order to alter them you would need to uninstall the app and start again.

Where will stock levels be controlled

Select the master platform from where you'll control your stock levels. This can either be ShopWired or Vend.

The master platform will be where you make manual adjustments to stock levels (for example, when you receive new stock from your supplier, you would add this to the master platform).

Where will orders be processed/managed

Select the platform from where you'll process and manage orders. If you choose ShopWired, orders will be imported from Vend into ShopWired, and new customer data (for customers who are created after the app is installed and configured) will sync automatically.

If you choose Vend, orders will be exported from ShopWired into Vend, and you should select if you want new customer data to be synced:

The app will only sync data for new customers who are created after the app is installed and configured.

Once you've configured your settings, select save changes, and the main app configuration page will load.

Stock sync settings

If ShopWired is set as the master platform where you'll control your stock levels, the configuration page for the Vend app will ask you to select the Outlet on Vend where stock levels should be synced to:

If Vend is set as the master platform where you’ll control your stock levels, each Vend outlet will be displayed for you to select. Select each outlet (you can select more than one) from where stock levels should be synced into ShopWired.

Performing an initial sync

Stock will automatically sync between platforms without manual intervention, but if you want to perform an initial sync of the stock quantities select the sync all now button (depending on the number of products, this process may take some time to complete).

How stock sync works

Stock syncing is done in real time (and usually within a few minutes depending on activity/traffic on your app). When syncing stock levels, the app will look for products that have the same SKU code on both platforms.

If the SKU code of a product is changed on either platform stock will not be able to sync unless it is also changed on the other platform.

Manual adjustments to stock levels on one platform are only synced to the other platform if the adjustment is made on the master platform.

Order sync settings


Please wait up to 2 hours after installing and configuring the Vend app within ShopWired for the app to initialise.
The app will only begin importing orders from Vend to ShopWired after initialisation.

If ShopWired is set as the master platform from where you'll manage and process orders

The configuration page for the Vend app will ask you to select a default delivery rate and a default customer to be used when Vend orders are created on ShopWired:

ShopWired requires a delivery rate and a billing name, address and email address for any order that is created on the platform. From the drop-down lists select one of your created delivery rates and the customer record you want to be used on imported orders. If you don't want to use an already existing delivery rate or customer, then you should first create the defaults that you want to use.

If Vend is set as the master platform for managing and processing orders

You'll need to configure a few different settings in order to export orders to Vend successfully:

From the drop down list select the User account that orders should be created against (you can create a new user on Vend if required).

From the drop down list select the Register that orders should be exported to (you can create a new register on Vend if you need to).

For products on ShopWired where VAT is charged, you should select the corresponding VAT Rate on the Vend platform. Similarly, for any products that are zero rated or exempt you should select the corresponding VAT Exclusive Rate from the Vend list.

Finally, select a Shipping Product from Vend which should be added to the Vend order to account for delivery charges (the delivery charges made on the order on ShopWired).


When payment is made for an order on your website the payment will automatically be created on Vend.

In the Payment Method field you can enter the name of the payment method, e.g. Stripe, and then from the drop down list select the corresponding Vend payment method that the payment should be allocated to:

This process should be repeated for each payment method accepted on your ShopWired store.

Obtaining the correct payment method value

When you enter a value in the Payment Method field you will need to make sure it corresponds exactly to the way that ShopWired displays it.

To obtain a list of all of the payment methods that have been received on your account, select Orders > View Orders from the menu, and then select More Filters in the top right corner of the orders table:

Then, open the drop down under 'By Payment Method' to see the exact names of the payment methods:

Importing products from Vend

Products can be imported from Vend into ShopWired using the 'Import Products from Vend' section of the app. Each product available for import will be displayed in the table for you to choose:

You can select individual products to import by ticking the tick box in the 'Import' column. Alternatively, select the All link by 'Import' at the top of the table to select all products on the page for importing.

Once you've selected the products you'd like to import click the import selected products button at the bottom of the page.

Please note!

You can only import products from one page at a time. Select the products on one page and click the import button, and then repeat with the next page of products.

The import status of the product is listed in the 'Last Imported At' column. If the product has never been imported from Vend into ShopWired it will display as 'Never Imported'.

You can use the filters at the top of the page to include more products in the list that are available for import. By default we do not display products that have already been imported from Vend to ShopWired or products from Vend that have a SKU code which matches a SKU code that is already assigned to a product on ShopWired.


Where the app experiences errors in either syncing stock levels, orders or customers these will be displayed in the errors table for you to review.

Order import errors

Please note: Orders cannot import from Vend where the order in Vend has been discounted.

Reward points

This app can sync ShopWired reward points, that are earned by customers when placing orders through your ShopWired website, with loyalty points that are on their Vend customer record.

The app will sync reward points automatically if you have installed the reward points app (and if reward points are configured on the products contained within a customer's order).

Unfortunately a limitation on the Vend system means we are unable to send the points earned as part of the order that syncs across from ShopWired to Vend. In order to sync reward points the app will create another separate order (for zero cost).

You may therefore see two orders in your Vend account when only one order has been placed on your ShopWired website.