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Setting up the reward points app

Use the reward points app to set up a rewards point system where customers who have an account on your website can earn reward points with a cash value when they purchase your products. You can also use this app to set up a referral rewards system for your customers.

To install the app select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the app called ‘Reward Points’. Then select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Adding reward points to products
• Adding reward points to product variations
• Reward points settings
• How customers redeem points
• Frequently asked questions

Adding reward points to products

You can add reward point values to products on either the product creator or editor page. When on the creator/editor page find the section named ‘Reward Points’ and click to open it:

In the box put how many points you want the customer to earn when purchasing the product.

Select save changes or save + close to complete the process.

Then when a customer is on the product's page they will be able to see how many reward points they will earn for purchasing the product:

If your product has variations and you don’t set up an individual rewards amount for each variation, then the number in the base product’s ‘Reward Points’ section will automatically work for each variation.

Adding reward points to product variations

If you want each variation to be worth a different number of reward points to the base product, use the ‘Product Variants’ section on the product creator/editor page to add a number for each variation. For each variation that you want to set a reward points number for select + show more fields by it:

This will open more boxes, one of which is ‘Reward Points’:

In this box enter the number for how many reward points you want the customer to earn when they buy that variation. The number placed in the base product reward points section will then not work for that variation.

Select save changes or save + close when you are finished adding reward points values.

Reward points settings

To determine the monetary value of each reward point, as well as adjust other settings for the app, select Settings > Reward Points from the menu.

Use the ‘Reward Points Settings’ section to adjust multiple settings for the reward points feature.

In the ‘Reward Point Price’ box put the value you want each reward point to be worth:

For example, for each point to be worth $1 put ‘1’ into the box or for each point to be worth 1 cent put ‘0.01’ in the box.

In the ‘Reward Points Chunks’ box indicate a minimum number of reward points that a customer must have in their account in order to redeem them for their cash discount. Customers won't be able to redeem their points if a '0' is in the box, so if you don’t want to specify a minimum put a ‘1’ in the box:

If you want customers to be able to redeem fractions of their reward points (i.e. they could redeem half of a reward point), then change this setting to ‘Yes’:

Choose if you want your customers to be able to earn reward points on orders that already have a reward points discount applied:

Finally, choose if you want reward points discounts to be applied to shipping costs:

How customers redeem points

If a customer wants to redeem their points, they must be logged into their account before viewing their cart. Then, when viewing their cart, they can click to redeem their reward points:

This will transfer the points into their set monetary value. They will then see how much money their points were redeemed for and they can choose to cancel the discount if they wish:

In the summary of the total of their purchases they will see how much discount they received:

Frequently asked questions

Can customers redeem their reward points on an order where a voucher code has been applied?

Reward points and voucher codes can be used on the same basket, but they cannot apply to the same product. This means that if a product has already been discounted by a voucher code, it cannot be also be discounted by a reward points discount.