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Printful is a print on demand platform that allows you to import products to list on your ShopWired store. When a customer buys one of those products Printful automatically fulfils the order.

A short video explaining how Printful works can be found below:

Install the Printful app to connect your ShopWired account to Printful to import products and automatically send orders to be fulfilled. To install the app select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Printful’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

Connecting to Printful
App settings
Delivery rates
Importing products
Order fulfilment
Sales tax and Printful
Frequently asked questions

Connecting to Printful

In order to use this app you’ll need a Printful account. If you don't already have an account, then you can open one here.

Once you have installed the app, you can then connect your Printful account to your ShopWired account. To do this select APPs > Printful from the menu. In the ‘Printful Store’ section select connect:

On the next page, agree to allow the app to have access to your Printful account. Select from the drop-down list just above the Authorize button which of your Printful stores you want the app to connect to:

You can select from any of your already created stores or you can have a new store be created. The app can only be connected to one store, so you should select the store where you will create the products you want to import to ShopWired.

You will then be returned to the app configuration page within ShopWired and the ‘Printful Store’ section should show as ‘Connected’:

You're now ready to start configuring your settings and importing products.

App settings

There are 3 main settings that you can configure within the Printful app on ShopWired.

Shipment confirmation emails

If you'd like ShopWired to send an email to your customer when an order they have placed has been shipped by Printful, change the Send an email to the customer when the order status is changed to shipped setting to On. You can configure the contents of this email on the order status emails settings page within your ShopWired account.

Sending retail costs

If you're shipping orders internationally, you should activate the Send retail costs to Printful when exporting orders (used for international shipments) setting so that Printful will declare the amount that the customer paid for the items in the shipment on any applicable customs declarations.

Sending orders

When a customer places an order on your ShopWired store, the details of the products ordered will be automatically sent to Printful.

Draft orders - when orders are sent to Printful as draft you will need to manually confirm the order details and make payment for the order within your Printful account before Printful will fulfil the order and send the items to the customer.

Pending orders - when orders are sent to Printful as pending you won’t need to manually confirm order details as Printful will automatically fulfil the order and charge the payment method that you have on file in your Printful account.

When the setting is enabled orders are sent to Printful as pending, and when the setting is disabled they are sent as draft.

If you select to send orders as pending but do not have a payment method set up within your Printful account, orders will be sent as draft and an email will be sent to you by the app to notify you.

Delivery rates

Printful has two delivery methods, Flat Rate and Express.

Delivery times will vary depending on the location of the item that's being fulfilled and the customer's shipping address. Please check the Printful website for more details.

The shipping charge for items will also depend on the fulfillment location and customer's shipping address. At the moment, ShopWired does not support automatic calculation of shipping charges for orders containing Printful products, and you will need to manually configure your shipping rates within your ShopWired account.

For each shipping rate that you configure, for each shipping zone enabled in your ShopWired account, you'll need to manually match it to one of the two Printful shipping services.

Within the Printful app in your ShopWired account, open the 'Delivery Rates Mapping' section and select a corresponding Printful shipping rate for each delivery rate. This should look similar to this example:

Where you do not map a delivery rate to a Printful shipping service, the order will still be sent to Printful for fulfilment, but the Flat Rate shipping service will be chosen by default. For admin orders that are given free delivery and for orders that contain products that are indicated as having free delivery from within the product creator/editor, the Flat Rate will also be chosen by default.

Once you have finished mapping delivery rates, remember to save your changes.

Importing products

Products that you want to sell on your ShopWired store must first be configured within your Printful account.

For more information on selecting and configuring products, please refer to the Printful Help Guides.

When configuring products within Printful, ensure that they are added to the store that you have connected to the ShopWired app.

Selecting products for import

When you're ready to start importing products into ShopWired, navigate to the Printful app in your ShopWired account and open the 'Import Products' section. Each product that you have configured in your Printful store will be displayed for you to import into your ShopWired account.

For each product you'd like to import into ShopWired, tick the 'Select' tick box, as shown in this example:

When you've selected all of the products you want to import, click the 'Import Products' button at the bottom of the table.

If you've selected a lot of products to import, then the import process may take a while. An email will be sent to your ShopWired account email address once the import has finished. Before amending the imported products in your ShopWired account you should wait for this email as the product import process might appear to be completed while it is still in progress.

Amending imported products

Products imported from Printful should be amended once imported to add additional information where necessary.

For example, you may want to consider adding the following information about the imported products:

• Adding at least one category
• Adding a product description
• Adding a recommended retail price

These changes can be made to the products you've imported through your ShopWired account in the normal way.

Order fulfilment

When a customer places an order on your ShopWired store and the order contains at least one product imported from Printful, details of the order will be sent to Printful (if the order also contains products not imported from Printful, those products won't be sent with the order details).

Printful are then responsible for fulfilling the order and sending the item(s) to your customer.

Orders will either be sent as draft, meaning you will need to manually confirm and pay for the order from within your Printful account, or pending, meaning the order will be automatically confirmed and payment taken from the credit/debit card stored in your Printful account. The status of exported orders is determined by how you choose to configure the setting for orders in the app settings section.

Where an order fails to export to Printful, it will be displayed in the 'Order Export Errors' section of the app:

From this table you will be able to see the reason the order failed to export. Orders that have failed to export will need to be manually created within Printful in order to be fulfilled.

Sales tax and Printful

Sales tax and dropshipping

Help with sales tax!

If you are not familiar with how sales tax works in the US, then we recommend that you read through our US sales tax guides and that you contact a tax professional.

When you have your products dropshipped, your customer purchases the product from you, and you purchase that product from the dropshipper, who then sends the product directly to your customer.

Under these circumstances, since there are two separate transactions, there could be two separate amounts of sales tax that need collecting and remitting to the appropriate authorities:

  1. If the dropshipper, in this case Printful, has nexus in the state where the order is being delivered to, then they are required to charge you sales tax on any product that you purchased from them, and then remit that tax to the relevant authorities.
  2. If you have nexus in the state where the order is being delivered to, then you are required to collect sales tax from your customer, and then remit that tax to the relevant authorities, not to Printful.

Important notes about nexus and dropshipping:

  • If Printful does not have nexus in the state where the order is being delivered to, but you do have nexus there, then you are still required to collect sales tax from your customer.
  • Printful having nexus in a state does not automatically mean that you also have nexus with that state.
If you are not sure what your sales tax responsibilities are in any state, then you should contact a tax professional.

Resale certificates

If you sell products by dropshipping using Printful, then because you are a business purchasing a product from another business with the intent to resell that product to a consumer, you may be eligible for a resale certificate. A resale certificate exempts you from having to pay sales tax on products that you purchase specifically with the intention to resell them.

In many states you can use an out-of-state certificate to prove that you are exempt from paying sales tax. This means you would only need to obtain one resale certificate for all of those states. However, there are states which don’t allow you to use an out-of-state certificate. For those states you will need to obtain a resale certificate from each one individually. You can read more information here about how to obtain a resale certificate in each state.

Once you have obtained your resale certificates, you should then submit them to Printful, so that you no longer have to pay sales tax to Printful for the states that you have a resale certificate in. For more information on how to submit your resale certificates to Printful, read this guide from Printful.

A resale certificate does not mean that you can stop collecting sales tax from your customers. For states in which you have nexus, you are still required to collect sales tax from your customers for orders which contain Printful products.

Printful's pricing breakdown

For each order that is exported, Printful provides a pricing breakdown to show you what your customer has paid against what you will need to pay to Printful:

For this pricing breakdown to be correct, sales tax information from your order needs to be sent to Printful. To ensure that sales tax information is sent to Printful you will need to enable the Sending retail costs setting.

Frequently asked questions

Do price updates made on Printful sync to ShopWired?

No, the products are not updated in ShopWired.