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What is Google Shopping?

Our Google feed feature allows you to send product information from your website to be used for Google Shopping and Google Product Ads (collectively known as Google Merchant Centre). Google Merchant Centre is a great tool to boost traffic and increase sales on your website.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping allows shoppers to find your product listings quickly using Google. You can use Google Shopping to attract more potential buyers to your website and control your product information so that your customers find the relevant and current items that they are looking for.

Learn more about Google Shopping.

Google Product Ads

By linking your Google Adwords and Merchant Centre accounts you'll be able to create paid adverts that will appear on Google's network of search results.

Learn more about Google Product Ads.

What can you do on the management system?

Our system enables you to either download an XML feed of your product information for submission to Google manually or obtain the URL for a feed which you can enter into your Google Account and ask Google to download periodically.

You'll also find that other shopping and price comparison engines allow you to submit your product data to them in the same format as the Google feed.


Please note that we cannot provide any advice or assistance in using the Google Merchant Centre, except for the articles in this help topic. If you have any problems or questions you will need to contact Google directly.