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How to setup your gift voucher page

Gift vouchers enable a visitor to your website to buy an amount of credit that they can then send to a friend/family member (or use themselves) to buy products on your store, using a unique voucher code they enter at checkout.

Once setup on your store, a user can visit the 'gift voucher' page on your website (an example of which is above), select the amount that they want to buy, enter their name (and the recipient's name) and select the voucher that they want (usually this is either an email or hard-copy certificate - sent through the post).

The system can be configured to automatically generate a gift voucher code, or you can generate one for them. And unlike discount/voucher codes, the code is unique for each voucher purchased.

At checkout, the recipient enters the voucher code and the cost of their shopping basket is reduced by the gift voucher amount. If they don't use all of the voucher amount, they can come back at a later date to use it.

How To Setup Gift Vouchers

1. First, you will need to install the gift voucher APP.

2. Click 'marketing' from the left menu and then 'gift voucher setup'.

3. The first part to setup is the gift voucher amount (i.e. what value(s) of gift voucher are available for purchase). There are 3 options to choose from

i) The first option allows the customer to enter whatever amount they want to purchase

ii) The second option gives them only a single amount to choose from (e.g. £50)

iii) The third option means that you can specify multiple choices and they have to choose one (e.g. £10, £20, £50)

Select the option you require and then, if appropriate, enter the value(s).

4. When a user purchases a gift voucher, a voucher code needs to be generated for them to use.

You can choose to have this code generated automatically or you can generate them yourself (you may choose to generate them yourself if you want to decide the format of the code).

Tick the box if you want the code to be generated automatically. You can change this selection at any time.

If you choose not to automatically generate the code, you will need to manually create a gift voucher each time one is purchased from your website.

5. If you choose to automatically generate the voucher code you can also choose for an email to be sent to the recipient containing the code.

To set it so that an email is sent automatically tick the second box.


The email sent out to the customer will be automatically configured for you but you can change the content of it by following the instructions in our article about Website Emails.

6. When a gift voucher is added to the customer's basket it'll appear like any other item.

So you'll probably want to upload an image for it.

Select your gift voucher email from your computer's hard drive and upload it using the field shown above. The gift voucher image can be any size.

7. If you're VAT Registered then you'll be able to choose whether your gift vouchers are VAT exclusive. Most businesses won't tick this box.

8. By default, if someone purchases a gift voucher and applies a voucher code eligible for the order (e.g. 10% off orders over £20) then this will also apply to the cost of the gift voucher (e.g. a £50 voucher would cost £45). If you don't want voucher codes to be applied to gift vouchers then tick the box indicated below.

9. Finally you need to configure your 'voucher types'.

The voucher types facility allows you to create different voucher types that the customer can choose from. For example you may want to offer email certificates and also by post certificates (maybe to be given as a birthday, Christmas or other present).

You can specify a delivery cost for each voucher type.

10. When you're done click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page and your gift vouchers will be setup on your website.

The gift voucher page is available at but the page won't automatically be added to your website's menus, you'll need to add it in using our Link Lists feature.