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Product and shipping overrides and sales tax holidays cannot be used when using the Avalara app. If you do create product or shipping overrides or sales tax holidays, when using the Avalara app sales tax information will appear differently on the order in Avalara compared to the order in ShopWired.

Avalara is one of the leading companies for helping you with sales tax compliance. Their software allows you to calculate what sales tax you need to pay based on what orders you’ve received, and then also helps you prepare and file your sales tax returns to the appropriate jurisdictions.

ShopWired’s Avalara app allows you to automatically export orders received in your store to your Avalara account. If you don’t yet have an Avalara account, you can open one here.

To connect your accounts you will first need to install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the ‘Avalara’ app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Connecting your accounts
• Exporting orders
• Order export errors

Connecting your accounts

Once you have installed the app, you can connect your accounts by selecting APPs > Avalara from the menu.

To connect your Avalara account to your ShopWired account, you’ll need to enter your 'Avalara License Key' and 'Avalara Account ID' in the ‘Settings’ section of the app installation page on ShopWired:

To access your Avalara License Key navigate to your Avalara account and select Settings > License and API keys:

Under 'Reset license key' you will need to select Generate license key:


Avalara only allows you to see the generated license key once. Make sure you take note of the key.

Copy the key and, in a new tab, open the Avalara app in your ShopWired account.

Paste the key into the Avalara License Key box.


If at any point you choose to generate a new license key, your accounts will no longer be connected until you enter the new license key in ShopWired.

Then to access your 'Avalara Account ID' select Account in the top right corner of your Avalara account, and copy the ID next to ‘Account ID’:

Paste this ID into the ‘Avalara Account ID’ box in the Avalara app page in your ShopWired account.

Commit invoices on export

Use this setting to decide if you want your orders to export as ‘committed’ or as ‘uncommitted’.

Exported orders are known as ‘transactions’ and ‘invoices’ in Avalara. ‘Committed’ invoices are included in the tax returns that Avalara will file for you. ‘Uncommitted’ invoices will not be remitted for you. If you choose to send orders as ‘uncommitted’, you can manually go into each transaction on Avalara and change it to ‘committed’.

To have orders export as ‘committed’ turn the setting to ‘On’.
If you want orders to export as ‘uncommitted’, turn the setting to ‘Off’.

Then select save changes.

Exporting orders

Once you have correctly added your Avalara credentials to the ShopWired app, future orders which you receive in ShopWired will automatically export to Avalara.

In order for sales tax calculations to be correct for exported orders, you need to configure your sales tax locations within your Avalara account.

Adding sales tax locations in Avalara

Please note!

Within Avalara you should add all states that you have a nexus with. These states should also be added to the 'Tax Nexus' section on the 'Taxes' page in your ShopWired account.

To create your sales tax locations in Avalara select Settings > Where you collect tax:

Then select Add to where you collect sales and use tax:

Place a tick in the box beside all of the states where you should be collecting sales tax. Then select Add selected regions at the bottom of the page.

Order export errors

Occasionally the app may encounter an error when trying to export an order from ShopWired to Avalara. When this happens the details of which order failed to export will be displayed in the 'Export Errors' section:

For each order that fails to export the error returned by the system will be displayed. You can try to fix the error by editing the order and then select to retry exporting the order.