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Channel Grabber

ChannelGrabber is a multi-channel management software which allows you to link your accounts for different marketplaces in order to manage your inventory and orders from one central location. ShopWired’s ChannelGrabber app allows you to sync stock between ShopWired and ChannelGrabber and have your ShopWired orders automatically export to ChannelGrabber.

To connect your accounts you will first need to install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the Channel Grabber app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

• Connecting your accounts
• Configuring the app settings
• Stock sync
• Notes about orders that are exported to ChannelGrabber

Connecting your accounts

Once you’ve installed the app select APPs > Channel Grabber from the menu. You will need to input the API Key and API Secret from your ChannelGrabber account:

To find your API credentials within your ChannelGrabber account select Settings from the top menu:

Then select API under ‘Advanced’ from the left menu:

Under 'API Credentials' copy the API Key, return to the ChannelGrabber configuration page within your ShopWired account and paste the code in the API Key field.

Then, in your ChannelGrabber account, copy the API Secret, return to your ShopWired account and paste the code in the API Secret field.

Then select connect.

If you have entered your API credentials correctly, you will see a success message telling you that the app is connected to your ChannelGrabber account:

Configuring the app settings

Once you have connected your ChannelGrabber account use the ‘App Settings’ section to configure your settings for the app:

Sync stock from Channel Grabber
Select ‘Yes’ for this setting to sync stock levels from ChannelGrabber to ShopWired.

Export orders to Channel Grabber
Enable this setting to have new orders, which contain synced products, export to your ChannelGrabber account.

Please note!

This will not retroactively send past orders to ChannelGrabber. Only new orders that are created once you have connected your accounts, synced your products and enabled this setting will be sent to ChannelGrabber.

If you enable for orders to be exported, you will need to enter a sales channel name to create the sales channel which orders should export to:

Stock sync

When you first connect your ChannelGrabber account you will need to perform an initial stock sync. Products will only be synced if they already exist on both your ShopWired and ChannelGrabber accounts with matching SKU codes.

To perform your initial stock sync select sync now in the ‘Initial stock sync’ section:

You will only need to perform this initial stock sync once. After the initial stock sync when you add a product to ChannelGrabber and then add it to ShopWired, as long as the products have matching SKU codes, the app will detect the new product and sync the stock.

Stock will sync from ChannelGrabber to ShopWired every 10 minutes.

Please note!

Stock does not sync from ShopWired to ChannelGrabber, only from ChannelGrabber to ShopWired. Therefore, you should use ChannelGrabber as your main stock controller.

If at any point you would like to see a list of your products which have been synced between ChannelGrabber and ShopWired, select get stock synced items to download a CSV file of the synced products.

Notes about orders that are exported to ChannelGrabber

• Orders received in your ShopWired account which only contain products that do not exist in your ChannelGrabber account will not be exported to ChannelGrabber.

• For orders received in your ShopWired account which contain a mixture of products which do exist on ChannelGrabber and products which don’t exist on ChannelGrabber, only the information about the products which do exist on ChannelGrabber will be exported to ChannelGrabber.

• Orders that fail to export to ChannelGrabber will appear in the 'Order Export Errors' section of the app configuration page. The details of what caused the error will appear under 'Error Details'. You can either manually add these orders to ChannelGrabber, or, once you have fixed the issues causing the errors, you can select to retry the auto-export: