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Changing the text on your website's buttons

Your website has a number of buttons that visitors can click to perform a particular action such as adding a product to their basket or proceeding to checkout.

In the example below we're highlighting two action buttons.

The first is the 'add to basket' button and the second is the 'add to wishlist' button.

How to change the text

The text of these buttons is changed through the editor (you can access the style editor by clicking 'themes' on the left menu and then 'style editor' for the theme you would like to customise).

Scroll to the 'action buttons text' section.

The exact buttons that you can customise will depend on the theme you are using.

Make the changes to the text and then click the 'save changes' button at the bottom of the page. (Make sure you check your website afterwards to make sure the changes are ok).

Please Note!

Due to the nature of action buttons there will be limited amounts of space available for text, so you shouldn't change text to be overly long. Changing the text may involve a bit of trial and error to see what does and doesn't work.