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Intro & account setup

ShopWired Payments is ShopWired's own secure payment gateway.

You can activate ShopWired Payments if your business is eligible to do so and receive payments on your ShopWired website via credit/debit card as well as process mail-order or telephone transactions through the ShopWired admin system.


  • At this time, ShopWired Payments is only available to individuals (acting as sole-traders, partners etc.) or corporate entities (e.g. limited companies, limited liability parnterships) that reside within the United Kingdom and have a UK bank account too.
  • ShopWired Payments has some other restrictions on the types of businesses that can use its services, and for what purpose. For more information on these restrictions click here, but generally ShopWired Payments is suitable for most UK businesses selling standard products and/or services.
  • If your business is a corporate entity, the owners/directors of the business may be required to provide ShopWired Payments with a personal guarantee for any fees or other types of money that may become owed as a result of chargebacks or fraud. If this is necessary for your business, ShopWired Payments will contact you directly to arrange the personal guarantee after your account has been opened.
  • ShopWired Payments is operated by ShopWired Payments Limited, which is a separate company to the operator of the ShopWired Ecommerce Platform (the company that provides you with your ShopWired account and website), which is Platform 21 Limited.

    Schedule of fees

    The fees that you pay to use ShopWired Payments are determined by which package you are using for your ShopWired account. However, in certain circumstances (e.g. for high volume retailers) ShopWired Payments can offer a different rate schedule. Fees are payable for each transaction you receive on your account, as well as for chargebacks/reversals/disputes and if you use the instant payout feature to receive your transaction funds quicker.


    Standard/Consumer UK Cards 1.5% +20p *
    Business/Premium UK Cards 2.2% +20p
    EU Debit/Credit Cards 2.5% +20p
    International Debit/Credit Cards 3.25% +20p
    American Express 3.0% +20p
    Payout Frequency Daily
    Payout Cost Free of charge
    Disputes £20 **


    * ShopWired accounts on the ShopWired Essentials package will pay 1.9% +20p per transaction for UK consumer cards. All other ShopWired accounts will pay 1.5% +20p per transaction for UK consumer cards.

    ** A dispute fee is charged if a transaction on your account is subject to a dispute/chargeback by the cardholder's issuing bank. Disputes are managed from within your ShopWired account for you to either accept or defend. Unfortunately, due to costs imposed on ShopWired Payments by card networks and banks, dispute fees are not returned.

    Opening your account

    Once you have checked that your business is eligible to open an account with ShopWired Payments you can do so easily through the payment gateways page of your ShopWired account. Click the 'activate ShopWired payments' button to get started and the onboarding flow will start.

    ShopWired Payments is powered by Stripe, one of the world's leading payment platforms, and Stripe perform the onboarding and identity verification process on behalf of ShopWired Payments. As part of the onboarding process you'll be asked a range of questions about you/your business such as the legal company name, address and the details of any owners of the business.

    Stripe may ask for additional identity documents or verification during or after the onboarding process, and you will need to answer any questions asked promptly. You can find out more information and recommendations for the identification process here.

    Account status

    If you have provided all the necessary information that we require to allow you to process transactions and receive payouts your customers will be able to start using ShopWired Payments immediately.

    If we, or our partners, require more information from you, you will be notified within your account dashboard.

    Once your account is open, you can begin configuring the settings of your ShopWired Payments account.