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If you use the QuickBooks online accounting platform to manage your business, you can connect your QuickBooks account to your ShopWired account, so that orders placed on your website will be automatically 'sent' to QuickBooks as invoices.

At the current time, the QuickBooks app does not provide an inventory/stock sync function, this is functionality we are planning on adding soon.

To connect your QuickBooks account to your ShopWired account you must first install the app. To do this select APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the QuickBooks app and select INSTALL THIS APP.

Connecting your QuickBooks account
QuickBooks settings
Payment account settings
Exporting orders
Export errors

Please note!

The ShopWired support team are unable to provide help or support with regards to your use of QuickBooks. We can only support you on the functions that our app provides.

Connecting your QuickBooks account

Once you've installed the app within your ShopWired account select APPs > Quickbooks from the menu to connect your accounts. On this page select the Connect to Quickbooks button.

The app will then transfer you to the Intuit (the parent company of QuickBooks) website where you'll be prompted to login to your QuickBooks account (if not already logged in):

Once logged in, you'll be asked to authenticate the ShopWired app to connect to your QuickBooks account. On this page you should select Connect:

Once you've allowed access you'll be returned to your ShopWired account to configure your QuickBooks settings.

QuickBooks settings

In the app configuration page you'll need to configure each of the available settings (each setting is explained below):

Income Account

Select the account from the drop-down list that corresponds with the account on Quickbooks that sales invoices should be allocated to.

Partial Payments Account

Select the account from the drop-down list that corresponds with the account on Quickbooks that partial payments should be allocated to. Partial payments appear on an order when a customer places an order and, at least in part, makes payment using a gift voucher.

VAT Rate

Where VAT applies to a line item in an order, select the VAT rate from the list that corresponds with the VAT rate on QuickBooks.

VAT Exclusive Rate

Where a line item in an order does not attract VAT, select the VAT rate from the list that corresponds with the VAT rate on QuickBooks.

Invoice Numbers

ShopWired automatically generates a reference number for each order you receive on your store. If you'd like the app to use this reference number as the invoice number on Quickbooks for the exported order tick this box to enable the setting.

Payment account settings

When payment is made for an order on your website, the app can automatically create the payment in the appropriate QuickBooks account.

You can activate payment export by ticking the box beside 'Yes' under 'Export Payments?' at the top of the 'Payment Account Settings' section.

From the Default Payment Account list you can select the account on QuickBooks that payment should be allocated to.

Using the section beneath you are able to specify different payment accounts for different payment methods that your users might pay you through, e.g. PayPal, Stripe. Where a payment method hasn't been specifically configured the default payment method will be used.

In the Payment Method field select the name of the payment method, e.g. Stripe and then from the drop-down list under Account select the corresponding QuickBooks account that the payment should be allocated to.

You can add as many payment methods as you like.

Exporting orders

Exporter Settings

To enable the QuickBooks app to begin exporting orders from ShopWired tick the box beside 'Yes' under the 'Enable The Exporter' field:

Then select save changes.

Export on Demand

Use the ‘Export on Demand’ section to manually export a set of or all of your orders:

Enter the order reference numbers in the ‘From reference’ and ‘To reference’ boxes to determine which orders you want to export. Or leave the ‘From’ box blank to export orders from the first order and leave the ‘To’ box blank to export orders until the last order.

Use the tick boxes under ‘Skip already exported’ and ‘Skip errored’ to determine if you want to skip orders which have already been exported and orders which resulted in an error when they were last attempted to be exported.

Then select export orders to export your chosen orders.

Export errors

Occasionally the app may encounter an error when trying to export an order from ShopWired to QuickBooks. When this happens the details of which order failed to export and the reason for it will be displayed in the 'Export Errors' table:

For each order that fails to export the error returned by the QuickBooks system will be displayed. This may allow you to fix the error on the ShopWired order, by editing the order, and then you can retry exporting the order.

If you're unable to fix the error please contact us.

Use the ‘Error Notification Email Settings’ section to determine whether or not you should receive an email when an order has an export error. Once you tick the box to enable the emails you will be able to enter the email address where you want to receive these emails:

Once you have entered an email address select save changes.