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Data erasure

Data subjects have the right to request that their personal data is erased, in certain circumstances.

We are currently working on a method in which ShopWired users can permanently delete personal data of data subjects from within their ShopWired account.

When you receive a request to erase data, you must verify that the requester is the same as the data subject (i.e. you shouldn't erase data belonging to someone else). You should do this in a way that does not disclose personal data to the requester.

You should confirm that there is no legal reason to preserve the data, for example an existing contractual relationship between you and the data subject (like an outstanding/unfulfilled order).

Whilst you can delete data about a data subject at any time you should think about whether you might want to keep that data for as long as is necessary to protect your own business interests, for example buyers can make a chargeback claim against their credit/debit card company for a purchase from your website for up to 180 days after the date of the purchase).


Where data is erased through the platform please note that this process is completely irreversible. It won't be possible to recover the data once the erasure has completed. This includes the fact that order history and data (such as individual order details and the products purchased in the order).

If you do not want to erase this data, you can instead anonymise the order information by editing the customer details associated with the order.