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Platform cookies

The platform sets a number of cookies on website visitor's computers in order to provide the service of an ecommerce website.

Where cookies do not process personally identifiable information (like a name or email address), consent does not have to be obtained before the cookie is set on a visitor's computer.

Details of each cookie set by the platform are included below:

amazon_Login_accessToken This is used by Amazon Payments and contains the access token. The expiration time varies.

basket This is used by the ShopWired basket system and contains the basket token. It expires after 30 days.

login_token This is used by the "remember me" feature for customer accounts and contains the login token. It expires after 7 days.

rated_questions This is used by the questions & answers system and contains question IDs. It expires after 1 year.

wishlist This is used by the wishlist system and contains product IDs. It expires after 400 days.

referrer This is used by the referrer system and expires after 60 days.

customer_referrer This is used by the referral scheme system. The expiration time is customizable within the app.

recently_viewed_products This stores the IDs of recently viewed products. It expires after 30 days.

_shopwired_theme_preview This is used by the theme preview system. It expires when the browser is closed.

__holding_page_token This is used by the holding page feature. It expires after 24 hours.

_shopwired_visit This is used by the visitor statistics system on ShopWired to record a visit to your website. It is used in conjunction with _Shopwired_visitor which tracks a visitor as they navigate across your website's pages. Both expire after 30 days.

The expiration time of the cookies above can be extended on each visit.

Third party cookies

It's likely that you will also be using third party systems which also place cookies on your website visitor's computers.

For example, the use of a visitor tracking platform like Google Analytics will place a cookie on a visitor's computer in order to track their behaviour as they visit your website.

Whether or not the cookies that are in place on your website, where they are provided by third party companies like Google Analytics, record personal data about data subjects is something you will need to confirm with the third party provider themselves. ShopWired cannot comment on third party providers.

ShopWired provides a tool which allows you to activate a cookie consent module on your website which:

• Pops up on each user's visit to a website
• Requires them to consent to cookies being placed on their computer before any scripts are loaded onto their browser from the visitor tracking, conversion code and live chat fields set within your ShopWired account

If you're placing third party cookies on visitor's computers by directly inputting Javascript into your theme files, you will need to reconsider how this works if the GDPR requires you to obtain consent before placing these cookies.