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GDPR and ShopWired

The GDPR requires ShopWired to make a number of changes to the ShopWired platform and our own internal privacy programmes which we rely on to ensure that data is stored and processed in a secure way.

As a result, we have reorganised our own privacy team and documented the privacy related decisions made by us to ensure accountability for our procedures relating to the privacy of users.

We've issued a new Data Processor Agreement which constitutes the agreement between ShopWired and it's users in relation to the data held by ShopWired.

We've implemented a Data Protection Impact Assessment process.

We've assessed the role of sub-processors that are required to perform the necessary functions of the ShopWired platform. Removed any that are not a necessity and have assured ourselves of their ability to process data within the GDPR.

We've produced guidance around the GDPR, contained within these help guides, as well as produced more clear information for our users about the cookies that the ShopWired platform uses in order to provide the service we do.

We've implemented new data erasure processes.

We've issued new privacy policy and terms and conditions templates that our users can use to help ensure their own agreements with their website visitors and customers are compliant with the GDPR.

Will ShopWired enter into Data Processing Agreements with its users?

Our new Data Processor Agreement constitutes a legal agreement between ShopWired and it's users in relation to our responsibilities under the GDPR.

We will not enter into individual agreements with our users.