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Creating and managing product variations

If you have a product that you would like to offer multiple options for (such as different sizes or colours) you can do this by creating variations of that specific product without the need to create multiple products. This will be simpler for your customers as they can then select their choices from dropdown lists instead of needing to search for their desired option.

The following example shows variations of size and colour:

When your customer clicks on the dropdown lists they will see the available options:

We can help!

If you need help with any aspect of product variations please contact us, and our team will do their best to help!

• Creating variations
• Generating variation combinations
• Managing each variation

Creating variations

You can create variations on a new product or on an existing product in your account. To do this, locate the box named 'Product Variants' on the product creator/editor page.

Ticking the box will open the section:

Use the 'Option Name' box to choose or add a name (whether it be size, colour, material or any custom option) for your variant:

Select 'Custom option name' to add your own option. The box will then transform into a text box to input your own text:

Use the 'Available Options' box to add choices for each variant:

Type each choice followed by a comma. The box will then look something like this:

To add another variant select the + add another button. To delete a variant select the bin icon.

Please note!

A product can only have up to 3 variants, but can have as many options as you need for each variant.

Generating variation combinations

If you have more than 1 variation on a product you may want to create combinations of your variations if the product is available in those combinations.

To create all possible variations at once, select the Click here to generate all variation combinations button:

If you want to add one variation at a time select the + add a variation combination button each time you want to add one:

This will let you choose an option for each variation from dropdown lists:

Managing each variation

For each variation you can add a price, SKU and stock count:

To add a different weight, GTIN, image and reward points value (if you have installed the app) select the + show more fields button to display these options:

To keep the settings you entered on the base product for the price, SKU and/or weight leave them blank.

Use the 'Image' box to select the image that you want to be shown when the customer selects that particular combination. Choose from the images you have already uploaded to the product. By default the system allows 5 images to be added to a product, but you can change this.