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Your products

Products that you have already added to your website can be viewed by clicking 'products' on the menu.

If you have more than 50 products on your store, they won't all be shown when the page loads.

You can use the page numbers to go to different pages, or enter a product name or keyword in the search box to find a particular product. Or you can click the drop down to view products in a particular category.

Sort Order Of Products

You'll notice in the top right of the table there is a drop down box labelled 'default sort order of products on your website'.

This affects what order your products are shown in on your website. You can find out more information about this works by reading our article Product sort orders.

Viewing a product

To view a product on your website you can click the 'view' button. This will open a new window in your browser which displays the product on your website.

Editing a product

To edit a product click the 'edit' button next to the product you would like to edit. A new page will then be opened which allows you to edit the product information. The page that loads will be the same as the 'add a new product' page but all the current information for your product will be filled in.

Deactivating a product

To temporarily stop a product displaying on your website you can click the 'active' tick box. If there is no tick in the box then the product will not be being displayed on your website.

Deleting a product

To delete a product click the 'delete' icon next to the product name. You'll be asked to confirm your choice first.

Please note that once your product is deleted the information will be lost forever. This removal is irreversible