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Managing your products

To manage your existing products select Products > View Products from the menu.

• Managing all products
• Managing a specific product

Managing all products

To search for a specific product use the ‘Search Your Products’ box:

To view products in a certain category use the ‘View Products In Category’ box:

The ‘Existing Products’ box shows you all of the products you have created on your account:

Image shows the current chosen image for that product. Clicking on the image takes you to the edit page for that product.

Product name tells you the name of the product. Clicking on the product name takes you to the edit page for that product.

The tick box under Active allows you to deactivate or reactivate a particular product.

Selecting View allows you to see that product’s page on your website.

Selecting Edit allows you to edit the details of the product.

Delete allows you to remove products. Select the bin icon for the product you want to delete. If you want to delete all of your products at once select the All button next to ‘Delete’.

Managing a specific product

The edit page for a product is almost identical to the create a product interface. For a detailed explanation of each section on this page please read the ‘Creating a new product’ guide.

In addition to the sections, on the edit page you can also copy or view the product.

To make a copy of the product select Copy from the top right corner:

This will place an exact copy of all of the information you have already input for the product into the ‘Create A New Product’ page. Make any changes you wish to make, and then select save changes or save + close.

To view how the product looks on your website select View from the top right corner: